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Resaca man facing several charges after high-speed chase Friday in Gordon County ends in crash

According to a Gordon County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Friday, April 17, 2020, at approximately 6:37 PM, Deputy Kirby with the Gordon County Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Division responded to an address on Pendley Road in reference to a prowler. Gordon 911 advised that the prowler left the residence and was driving a black Chevrolet truck with tag RTF8013. The deputy met with the complainant, who stated that the black in color Chevrolet S10 pulled up to his residence, and a white male got out of the truck. The male approached his garage before being confronted. The complainant stated that the white male jumped in his truck and drove away in a hurry after asking for Tyler. The deputy left the residence and checked the area for the vehicle. While the deputy was at the stop sign at Farmville Road, she observed a white male driving a Black Chevrolet S10 behind her at the stop sign. The deputy turned off Highway 53 and got behind the truck and ran the tag. Gordon 911 advised the deputy that the tag matched the one from the prowler call she was just on. At approximately 6:50 PM, the deputy activated her emergency blue lights and conducted a traffic stop on the Black Chevrolet S-10 truck on Bud Hardy Road. The truck turned onto Sage Trl and came to a stop. The truck then accelerated and began to drive away. The deputy activated her emergency sirens and pursued the truck. The truck accelerated to 53 miles per hour while traveling west on Sage Trl. The deputy observed children playing, pedestrians walking, and several people outside. The truck continued to drive reckless as it turned onto Erwin Hill Road, failing to maintain lane and failing to stop at the stop sign. The deputy advised Gordon 911 that she was in a vehicle pursuit of the suspect. The truck continued to drive recklessly, reaching speeds over 80 miles per hour in a posted 35 miles per hour zone. While continuing on Erwin Hill Road after running several stop signs, the black Chevrolet S-10 ran off the road and lost control crashing into the ditch. The deputy conducted a felony traffic stop, drew her firearm, and gave verbal commands. After several minutes of giving verbal commands, the subject complied and placed his hands out of the window identifying himself as Brandon Adcock, 38, of Resaca. He stated that his door was jammed and that he couldn't exit his vehicle. An off-duty police officer who was a passerby joined the deputy, he identified himself as a police officer for the Roswell Police Department. The deputy advised the off-duty police officer that she was going to hold in place and wait for another deputy to arrive on the scene. The off-duty police officer stated that he was going to go to the left and pull the Adcock out of the vehicle. The deputy advised off-duty police officer that he should not and that they should wait on another uniformed deputy to arrive. The off-duty police officer was only wearing civilian clothes and was not wearing any protection. The deputy stated several times to the off-duty police officer to wait until another deputy arrived on the scene. The off-duty police officer failed to do so and approached the truck anyway. The off-duty police officer approached the vehicle and pulled Adcock out of the vehicle. The deputy then detained Adcock in handcuffs. The deputy learned that Adcock had multiple outstanding warrants. The deputy transported Adcock to Gordon Hospital. While at Gordon Hospital, Adcock stated to the deputy that he enjoys running from law enforcement that he gets a thrill from it. Adcock also stated that he thought about crashing the truck into a trash truck and trailer they passed during the pursuit. Adcock stated that he knew that his license was suspended due to child support. Adcock was cleared by Gordon Hospital and transported to the Gordon County Jail. Warrants were issued for Brandon Adcock for fleeing and eluding a police officer, reckless driving, driving while license suspended, driving on wrong side of roadway, failure to maintain lane, Stop signs x2, too fast for conditions, and improper passing.