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Pursuit last week in Trion ends in crash, Georgia State Patrol looking to ID driver who fled on foot

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at approximately 9:22 P.M., GSP Sergeant First Class Logan Gass was stopped at the intersection of West Spring Creek Road and Mountain View Road. SFC Gass observed a black Ford Taurus crossing GA-1 (Highway 27) on Mountain View Road. Gass stated the vehicle was laying drag and driving very recklessly. When the vehicle's tires finally gained traction, the driver continued to accelerate aggressively until observing the Georgia State Patrol Charger. As the vehicle passed, Trooper activated his blue lights to initiate a traffic stop. The driver pulled to the shoulder, a passenger exited the vehicle, and the driver then fled in the vehicle. The trooper activated his siren and began pursuing the Ford east on Mountain View Road. The Trooper notified the GSP communications center of the pursuit in progress. The suspect drove very recklessly and at high speeds while straddling the center lines. Due to the curvy, narrow roadway, the suspect's speed, and the lack of opportunity, the trooper was unable to end the pursuit by utilizing a P.I.T. maneuver. As the Pursuit approached the intersection of Spring Creek Road and East Halls Valley Road, the vehicle was positioned in the opposite lane and was at slow enough speed that the trooper began approaching the right rear of the vehicle in an attempt to execute a P.I.T. Due to the vehicle's position and the suspect most likely making a left turn the trooper could not perform a P.I.T. When the suspect saw the troopers approach he swerved to the right to block the patrol vehicle and then made a quick left turn. The driver continued driving recklessly onto East Halls Valley Road. The suspect fled on the wrong side of the road and disregarded the stop sign at Halls Valley Drive. After turning onto Halls Valley Drive, the suspect turned left into a cemetery. The vehicle then re-entered the roadway and continued to flee, backtracking his previous route. When the suspect reached the intersection of East Halls Valley Road and Narrows Road, the vehicle was traveling at an excessively high rate of speed and the suspect was unable to maintain control of the vehicle. The vehicle continued across Narrows Road and left the roadway. The vehicle struck several large concrete blocks, a large fence post, and then overturned in the open power line right of way. As the trooper stopped at the intersection and exited his patrol vehicle. As he gained visual of the area, he observed the driver fleeing from the vehicle on foot. The suspect had a substantial distance ahead of trooper, but quickly observed where he entered the woods. The suspect was a thin, short white male wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. The trooper entered the woods observing the suspect again but lost sight of him as the foot pursuit continued. SFC Gass requested a K-9 to his location. Chattooga County K-9 Deputy Robinson and partner Kendy arrived on the scene and began searching extensively for the suspect. After searching for an extended period of time through the wooded area they were unsuccessful in locating the suspect. A wallet was located inside the vehicle which included an ID card which appeared to match the description of the driver who fled. The Tennessee ID belonged to a Zackery Gage Suttles of Knoxville. Suttles was arrested Memorial Day after leading Walker County Sheriff's Deputies on a chase which ended in a crash in Chattooga County on Halls Valley Drive. The Trooper was unable to see the driver's face during the vehicle or foot pursuit, so he was unable to confirm his identity as a match to the ID. This incident is still under further investigation, and when the driver is positively identified, the trooper will obtain warrants for his arrest.