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Ohio man facing slew of charges after GSP trooper ends high-speed pursuit of stolen Lexus with PIT

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Thursday, August 6th, 2020, A Whitfield County deputy was working traffic on I-75 South at the cut-through (338). While working traffic, the deputy observed a 2020 Lexus GX4 later identified to be driven by Toneeko Jayton Lee Miller, 21 of Ohio, traveling in the center lane at a high rate of speed. The deputy checked the Lexus on Laser the vehicle registered 95 MPH in a posted 70 MPH Zone. The deputy had on his headlights when the vehicle went by to get as many identifiers for a positive ID on the vehicle. The deputy then pulled out onto I-75 South, got behind the Lexus, and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. Before the deputy could activate his blue lights, the vehicle slowed and signaled to pull into the right lane. The Lexus acted as if he was about to change lanes in front of a tractor-trailer, causing the deputy to become concerned about a possible crash due to reckless driving. The Lexus did make the lane change, recklessly, and kept his right turn signal on as if to get to the 336 Exit ramp to pull over. As the Lexus was about to exit at the 336 Exit ramp, the Lexus suddenly made a quick left cutting in front of two semi tractor-trailers and picked up speed traveling south on I-75. The deputy advised dispatch he was believed to be in a car chase with a reckless and aggressive driver. The Lexus continued south on I-75 changing lanes with a turn signal, and at other times he would not use a turn signal. As the vehicle was approaching the 333 Exit Ramp, Miller acted as if he was going to exit at the 333. The Lexus got quickly on the exit ramp and made a jerk hard to the left, continuing south on I-75. The Lexus continued on I-75, at which time he continued to go from the center lane to the right lane and, at times, into the left lane. As the Lexus approached the exit ramp at the 328-mile marker, he made a sudden lane change exiting I-75 at the 328. As the Lexus approached the traffic light at Connector 3, the light was red. The Lexus being in the center lane observing a second patrol vehicle with its blue lights on went from the center lane making a hard right turn onto South Dug Gap road continuing at a high rate of speed. As the Lexus was on South Dug Gap, it would fishtail in curves and on the straight of way. The Lexus would correct, and the driver would fishtail again. The deputy began to back off in case the Lexus wrecked so he could react in plenty of time to avoid any further collisions. The vehicle did gain distance on the deputy as the deputy advised dispatch and responding units to use caution as Miller had issues in his driving. For a brief time, the deputy lost contact with the Lexus catching up with the Lexus in the straight of way on South Dug Gap Road. The deputy re-engaged with the vehicle in an attempt to complete the traffic stop. The Lexus then made a left turn onto Carbondale Road again, the traffic light being red. The Lexus continued at a high rate of speed, traveling back toward I-75 south. While on Carbondale Road, the deputy made contact with a GSP Trooper Whitfield, who took over the lead in the vehicle pursuit. The Lexus crossed over 1-75 continued to Ga 3 turning south on Ga. 3 again at a high rate of speed. The deputy being 2nd in the pursuit continued with the radio traffic advising dispatch of the location and direction of the pursuit. As the pursuit was in progress, Lt advised dispatch to make sure Gordon County was notified of the pursuit and that when in Gordon County, they would assist GSP, and the deputy would go back in service. As the Lexus entered into Gordon County, it continued south on Ga 3. The Lexus continued south, passing 136 going down to 225, where there were two marked units with their blue lights were on and took over to assist GSP in the pursuit. GSP PITed the vehicle and took Miller into custody. GSP requested the deputy to transport the driver as his vehicle was disabled due to running over stop sticks and from the PIT. Gordon County advised the Lexus was confirmed to be stolen out of Kentucky. The vehicle also had a temp drive out tag, which was registered to a Toyota. Miller was not wearing a seat belt as it was buckled behind him and did not have a license on his person. Trooper Whitfield also discovered a small amount of Marijuana in the vehicle which he took into his possession. Miller will also be facing charges in Gordon County. Trooper Whitfield was also not able to find a valid license for the driver. Miller stated he was on his way to Atlanta, and when the blue lights got turned on he just changed his mind and chose to flee. Miller did state he got the stolen Lexus for $200.00 from a guy in Ohio. Miller stated he did think things were sketchy but chose to get away to Atlanta, believing there was something wrong with the car. Miller was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with bringing stolen property into the state of GA, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, speed, Reckless driving, aggressive driving, single lane violation, turn signal violation, traffic light violation, seatbelt violation, license not on person, felony fleeing to elude, improper tag, and for no drivers license. Gordon County advised due to warrants being taken next date that Whitfield County would need a hold request to be placed on Miller due to his first appearance next date for his felony charges.