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Norcross woman facing meth charge after deputy notices several violations on unsafe vehicle on I-75

According to a Whitefield County Sheriff's Office incident report on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at 10:11 PM, a deputy was working on the northbound side of Interstate 75 around mile marker 331. The deputy was sitting in the median scanning tags in his Department issued patrol car when he noticed a silver car pass by with only one headlight and no tail lights. He also noticed the rear window was made out of gray duct tape. The deputy pulled out and attempted to conduct a traffic stop just below Exit 333 using his lights and sirens. The vehicle continued to drive to Highway 41 at Shugart Road, where deputies blocked the vehicle from moving any further. The vehicle was described as a 2010 Honda Civic Louisiana Tag with heavy damage to the rear end and front end. The deputy noticed the car did not have a current validation sticker on the tag. He also noticed that the tires were bald. The driver was identified as Donita Rose R. Puglisi, 56, of Norcross, Georgia. She was ordered out of the car and was asked why she did not stop. Puglisi said she wanted to wait for a safe location. After talking to her for a few minutes, the deputy asked for consent to search the car, and Puglisi said yes. During a search of her purse, an empty pill bottle was found with a substance that the deputy had not seen before. The deputy asked Puglisi if she had anything on her person, and she began to act nervous. The deputy then asked what was in her left coat pocket because he could see the outline of a meth pipe. Puglisi said it was just napkins. Deputy Henderson then felt the item, and it was indeed a meth pipe. Her left pants pocket also had a napkin containing meth. In her right pocket was marijuana. Her vehicle was towed, and a Whitfield County Detective was contacted. The case and the drugs were then turned over to him. The deputy transported Puglisi to the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office where she was charged with possession of meth, possession of drug related objects, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, no insurance, no turn signals, failure to maintain lane, tire requirements, brake light requirements, headlight requirements, window requirements, operation of a vehicle without revalidation sticker, unsafe vehicle.