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Missouri man charged with DUI after being found passed out in vehicle at gas station New Year's Day

According to a Dalton Police incident report on January 1st, 2020 at 12:04 PM, Dalton Patrol Officer Parson, was patrolling the area of Shugart Road and Chattanooga Road. Officer Parson pulled into the Race Trac at 1907 Chattanooga Road when he noticed a car parked in a way that made it impossible for me to get around it. Officer Parson stated, "[I] drove up to the side of the vehicle and looked inside and noticed the man, later identified as Timothy Teddy Lovell, 40, of St. Louis Missouri passed out in the driver seat". The officer then backed up and pulled in behind Lovell's vehicle, with an Ohio tag. Officer Parson got out of his vehicle and approached the driver's side window on foot. Officer Parson stated, "[I] looked inside again, and he was still passed out, with his head hunched over leaning to the side." Officer Parson then opened the door to his vehicle, and he woke up. Officer Parson asked him what he was doing, and he could not provide an answer. Officer Parson immediately noticed that his eyes were glazed over, and his speech was slurred and opened "Four loco" beer in the floorboard of the passenger seat, with no one else in the vehicle but him. The car keys were not in the ignition, nor was the car on. As soon as Officer Parson walked back to his patrol car, Lovell started his vehicle and drove and parked his vehicle without Officer Parson's instruction to do so. Officer Parson made contact with him again and asked him if he would step out of the vehicle, which he did. Officer Parson immediately noticed how uneasy on his feet he was. He stumbled and swayed back and forth when he was trying to stand still. Officer Parson then asked if he had anything to drink today, and he said no, but he did drink some the night before. Lovell refused to do any field sobriety testing. Officer Bowen arrived on the scene for assistance. With his training and expertise, he determined that Lovell was in fact, very impaired. Lovell was arrested and read Implied Consent, in which he refused to consent to any testing. Officer Stover transported Lovell to Hamilton Medical Center, where they waited for Officer Parson to get the search warrant for Lovell's blood signed. The search warrant for Lovell's blood was filled out and then signed by Judge Gazaway. Officer Parson then notified Officer Bowen, and Officer Stover, and the blood alcohol toxicology kit was administered. Lovell was then transported to Whitfield County Jail, where he was charged with DUI less safe alcohol and open container.