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Maryville TN couple suspected of serial shoplifting arrested after shoplifting from Kohl's in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, at approx. 6:23 PM Officers responded to 835 Shugart Road Kohl's Dalton in reference to a shoplifting in progress. While in route officer were advised by Whitfield County E911 that the male and female involved were in the rear of the store. Upon arrival, officers went straight to the loss prevention office, where they made contact with the loss prevention officer for the store. He stated the male had taken off his jacket and put on a jacket from the sales floor. The male then returned his jacket to the rack on the hanger. While Officer McBrayer was standing there, the LP officer was still watching the male with the cameras. The female that was with him was walking around the area near him. Officer McBrayer observed the male select a small box from the shelf and then put it in his shopping basket. The couple then came back together and walked near the fitting room where Officer McBrayer watched the male kneel behind a clothing rack while the female continued to walk in his immediate area, looking around like a look-out. The male then reappeared from behind the rack, and when he walked by the camera, the box was no longer in his shopping basket. They then watched the couple walk to the front of the store and past the registers without paying for anything. The male was still wearing the black jacket. Officer McBrayer then exited the door behind them and immediately took the male-identified as Lawrence Alana Moats, 42, of Marysville Tennessee into custody. Officer Gilreath took the female-identified as Anne Kendall Ford, 35 of Marysville Tennessee, into custody as well. While Officer McBrayer was taking Moats into custody, a box similar to what the officer had Moats pickup on camera fell from his person. The box was an unopened set of wireless earbuds that fell from his person. When the officer had Moats remove the jacket, the tag for the jacket was clearly visible still attached to the zipper. Officer located tools believed to be used to cut the security strap from the electronics. A further search of Moats officers located eight checks that belonged to man out of Maryville, Tennessee. Moats stated that they belonged to his boss. Without being asked, Moats stated that he did not take them intentionally and try to cash them. Moat's explanation of what he was doing in Dalton and what his next plan was did not make much sense to officers. He told officers he was in Woodstock to visit his daughter but did not, so they were just driving around killing time. Moats told officers that there were items in the truck that he had purchased today but that he might not have the receipts for them. These statements were very odd to the officers considering most people receive a purchased item in a bag along with a receipt, but the way he made it sound was that he would not have either. This led officers to believe that he may have been stealing things in Dalton as well as other jurisdictions. Ford also stated that they had stayed in a hotel in Woodstock the night before but that they did not stay under Moats' name because she has a stalker that can hack computers to find her location. Ford advised Moats was her husband and that she did not know he was going to steal items from the store. The LP officer advised he wanted Kendall charged as well since she was seen in the video acting as a look-out. Officers were nice and allowed both suspects to smoke a cigarette. Moats and Kendall were both transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with theft by shoplifting. On Thursday, January 9th, Officer McBrayer wrote a search warrant for the vehicle that was impounded. The warrant was taken to Judge Gazaway and she signed the warrant to search the vehicle. The warrant was executed on the vehicle in which resulted in several items being seized. The items that were taken either appeared new were still in packaging, or still had tags on them. All of the items seized also did not have a receipt with them or in the vehicle in general. According to the report, the items seized were pack of toothbrushes in a Big Lots bag, Pink bag containing various cosmetic items along with two necklaces inside, black folding wallet with Ross tag attached, tag for George expedition hat, Fruit of the Loom men's white socks, 12 pack, Gillette styler with Kroger tag on front, black bag from TJ Maxx with earrings and tights inside, all items with tags, gray George long sleeve shirt with tag, George blue jeans with tag, "And1" five-pack of boxer briefs, new, Polo cologne with "Tester" on the back, Phillips one blade razor still in package, white Adidas toboggan with TJ Maxx tag, black toboggan with TJ Maxx tag "Ili ve" toboggan, "Jbudsair" wireless earbuds, "Skullcandy" wireless earphones, "Lynx" wireless earbuds, polaroid one step 2 camera, "Lax" USB cable, and Loreal hair color kit not in box but new the state that it was in was common to how people steal the product. All of the items that were seized were placed into the property, and evidence at the Dalton Police Department.