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Man fires shot at park in Dalton after girlfriends violent ex-husband follows them there Monday

Updated: Jun 12

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Monday, June 1st, 2020, Officer Trego made contact with two individuals in the lobby of the Dalton Police Department at 301 Jones Street. The female was currently standing in a corner, crying and telling the black male to stay away from her. The male at this time was also trying to stop the officer so he could tell him that he was just shot at by the female's boyfriend. Officers separated the female and the male. The victim stated that she currently has a temporary protection order and a court order against her ex-husband that was in the lobby with her, Andra Ahmad Greenwade, 37, of Dalton. The victim stated to the officer that she was at her friend's, Ted Maurice Hill, 42, of Dalton, residence at on Virginia Avenue that morning. The victim stated that she was woken up by someone beating on the door. The victim stated the officer that she looked through the front window and saw her ex-husband, Andra Greenwade's black GMC Yukon parked out in front of the residence. The victim stated that she did not open the door and that Andra eventually left. The victim stated she left the residence and contacted her friend, Ted Hill, telling him of the situation. She informed him that Andra had just shown up to his home. Both victim and Ted arrived at 521 Threadmill Road Al Rollins Park. The victim stated that after a few minutes of talking with Ted in the parking lot, Andra pulled into the parking lot where they were located. The victim stated that at this time, Ted fired a "Warning shot" into the air. The victim stated Andra then left the parking lot and that the event was traumatic that she then left the parking lot to head to the Dalton PD to get to a safer location. The victim stated that she was just so terrified of Andra due to their previous domestic involvements and that she just wanted to get away from him. After concluding the interview with the victim, the officer went out into the parking lot of the Dalton PD to speak to the Andra. Andra told the officer he just happened to drive by both locations where the victim was located. Andra stated that he drove by Al Rollins Park and did not enter the parking lot. Andra stated that he viewed the victim's friend, Ted Hill, exiting his vehicle and fire a pistol in his direction. The officer advised Andra his story didn't make sense that it was odd that he had just happened to drive by where the victim was at twice in a row While the officer was speaking with Andra, Ted Hill pulled into the parking lot. Andra began shouting towards Hill, stating, "You are really going to try to shoot me." Dispatch confirmed that Andra was not allowed to have any contact with the victim per bond conditions. When Ted arrived at the park, he saw tears in the victims' eyes and stated that he saw Andra pull in to the parking lot. Ted then retrieved his gray 9MM Smith & Wesson from the middle console. Ted stated that he then shot the gun in the air to scare Andra off. Ted stated that he knew he shouldn't have fired the weapon but had received multiple threats from Andra. Ted was able to provide the officer with multiple examples of Facebook posts and messages from Andra stating that he was going to cause physical harm to Ted if he found him. One post even had Ted's Facebook tagged in it and stated that Andra needed Ted's address to make an example out of him and break his neck. Both Andra and Ted were taken into custody and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Andra Greenwade was charged with violating a family violence order and bond conditions, aggravated stalking, and terroristic threats. Ted Hill was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, discharge of a firearm near a public highway or street, and reckless conduct.