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Man arrested after three people were injured by shrapnel in early Monday morning shooting in Calhoun

Three injured by shrapnel in early Monday morning shooting in Calhoun. According to a report Calhoun Police were sent to the Riverview Apartments at 168 Riverview Drive shortly after 1:00 AM Monday after Gordon County E911 received a call that three people had been shot. Calhoun Police arrived on the scene shortly after and found three people injured from shrapnel after a gunshot was fired into the ground. Police observed two people at the scene with wounds on their legs. A third person had already been transported for treatment before police arrived. At least one of the two victims on the scene was taken to the hospital after speaking with police. Brian Raymond Spielman, 36, of 442 Riverside Drive, Calhoun, was arrested and booked into the Gordon County Jail charged with aggravated assault. Spielman told police that two people attacked him and that he fired a shot into the ground.