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Man arrested after taking officers taser, gun and firing shot at them during fight in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Sunday, July 5th, 2020th, at around 1:20 PM, FCPD Officer Mobbs was dispatched to a residence in Lindale for a domestic. Upon the officer's arrival to the scene,​ he made contact with the victim, who stated that​ Steven Ejisimekwu, 30 of Lindale, broke into his residence and stole his Jordans (sneakers). The victim stated that as he tried to call E911 to report the incident, Steven grabbed his phone and broke it. The victim then saw Steven standing in the kitchen with a knife in his hand. The victim stated that Steven never came at him with the knife,​ but did put him in fear of receiving injury. The victim told the officer that there was a loaded shotgun upstairs in his bedroom,​ but was not sure if Steven knew where the shotgun was. The victim gave the officer permission to go inside the residence. The officer attempted to open the front door of the residence and as the door opened, Steven appeared right inside the doorway. Steven stated that he did not know why Officer Mobbs was there and that he needed to leave his property. Officer Mobbs Stated: "As I attempted to talk with the suspect,​ he slammed the door and locked it." Officer Mobbs went ahead and radioed for additional units to come to the location in case the suspect decided to barricade himself inside the residence. The officer called Lt Pendley and explained the situation. Lt Pendley responded to the scene, along with several other officers. Steven finally opened the door again and peered from the front door. The officer issued verbal commands for Steven to come out of the residence and met him halfway. The officer talked with Steven and offered to let him talk to his mother. After several failed attempts to establish communication,​ Steven walked back inside the residence and closed the door. Officer Mobbs continued to try and talk with Steven. Lt Pendley called for more additional units from the Sheriff's office. As officers waited for more officers,​ Steven once again emerged from the residence. Lt Pendley was able to establish communication with Steven and talk to him for a minute. Steven asked Lt Pendley if he was under arrest, and LT Pendley told him, "No,​ not yet". Steven walked away from Lt Pendley and went back inside the residence and closed the door. Deputies Taylor and Heptinstall,​ and Officer Mobbs made their way to the front door of the residence. Lt Pendley,​ OFC Guzman, and Deputy Noles took up a position near the back of the residence. As the deputies and officers made our way to the door, Steven came to it​ without them knocking. ​Lt Pendley came up and began to speak with Steven as well. ​Lt Pendley Stated, "I noted the suspect had a dazed or "far off" gaze; these things are linked with both drug usage and mental health issues." According to the report, Steven suffers from Schizophrenia, and they were unaware if Steven was on his medication or if any drugs were possibly involved. Steven asked if he was under arrest, and Lt Pendley told him that he was. Lt Pendley then reached out for the suspect to arrest him for family violence simple battery,​ but Steven pulled away. Steven tried to close the door, ​but Lt Pendley stopped him and again tried to grab Steven's arm. As Lt Pendley was struggling with the suspect,​ Deputy Taylor,​ Deputy Heptinstall,​ and Officer Mobbs joined in the fight. During this, Lt Pendley was knocked against the wall along with Steven. The deputies were able to get hands-on the suspect and take him the floor. During the altercation,​several pictures of frames were knocked over and broken,​ shattering glass everywhere on the floor. Steven shoved the officers and deputies onto the couch. The violent fight went to the ground as they tried to gain control of Steven. During the on-going struggle,​ they continually gave Steven commands to stop and tried to reason with him. Deputy Taylor discharged his department-issued Taser,​ which had no effect on Steven. The suspect continued to violently fight and ripped the Taser from Deputy Taylor's hands and started pulling the trigger. At this time,​ other officers attempted to tase Steven as they continued to actively fight Steven for retrieval of the Taser. At some point during this,​ deputy Taylor was tased, and Deputy Heptinstall was tased in the back. Deputy Taylor was then able to get the Taser and throw it behind them ​so that it could not be used against them. Deputy Heptinstall, who was under Steven during the violent fight, yelled that Steven was going for his sidearm. During the continuing struggle, ​the suspect was able to get control of Deputy Heptinstall's sidearm. As the violent fight for the sidearm continued, Steven was able to get his finger around the trigger, firing a round toward officers. After the round was fired, they again tried to regain control of the sidearm. After a good struggle,​ Deputy Heptinstall was able to get his sidearm away from Steven and safely away from the fight. Officers and deputies were finally able to take Steven into custody. Inv Clayton was called to the scene and discovered that Steven had begun barricading himself inside the residence and had various weapons staged where he could get to them. It was discovered that Steven had a large kitchen knife and a hammer on the couch where they had been struggling on. Steven was transported to Floyd Medical Center for his injuries. Ejisimekwu is charged with four felony counts of aggravated assault on an officer in the performance of duties, one count of aggravated stalking, two counts of removal of a weapon from a public official, and six counts of obstruction of an officer. He is also charged with two misdemeanor counts of hindering persons making an emergency telephone call, two counts of simple assault under the Family Violence Act, and one count of criminal trespass.