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Man arrested after attempting to choke out Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy Tuesday

Dustin Warren Ballard, 24 of Silver Creek, was arrested after he reportedly attempted to kill a Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy at 2003 Flannery Street. Reports said that the deputy was attampting to place Ballard under arrest after finding him in possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. It was then Ballard grabbed a rope and began to strangle the deputy to the point of nearly blacking out. Ballard proceeded to strike the deputy several times in the face. The deputy was eventually able to regain his composure and place Ballard on the ground and secure him. Reports added that Ballard proceeded to attempt to discard the drugs. Ballard is charged with aggravated assault on an officer in the performance of duties, simple battery against a police officer, possession of meth, possession of marijuana, felony obstruction, and two counts probation violation.