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LaFayette woman charged with DUI, drug and theft charges after crash in Chattooga County last week

After crashing into a stone sign, jumping curbs, and then striking a natural gas meter, a LaFyette woman tried walking away. Witness Eugene Dill, of Ringgold, watched as Christy Corene Hogue, 38 of LaFayette, swerved across Ga. 1 at a high rate speed and then ran off the roadway last Thursday morning. Hogue first struck a stone landscaping around a sign for North Georgia Electrical membership office south of Trion. Hogue continued across the grass, parking lot, struck a wooded church sign, and then crossed Penn Bridge Road, striking a natural gas meter. Deputies on scene stated they had to chase the driver down who was attempting to walk away from the scene of the crash. Hogue failed the field sobriety test and arrested for DUI. That was only part of her problems. At the hospital, they discovered illegal pills in her mouth. She was told to spit them out but instead ran to a sink and washed her mouth out. When told to sit down in the hospital room, [she] refused and attempted to fight cuffs. A clear plastic baggie with what appeared to be Hydrocodone was discovered by jail staff on her person. Two more pills of the same type [were] found in shoes by jail staff. She was arrested for DUI, willfully obstruction of law enforcement officers, financial transaction card theft, financial transaction card fraud, crossing guard lines with drugs/intoxicants, possession of Schedule II (Hydrocodone), failure to maintain single lane, violation of Georgia's hands-free, tampering with evidence and failure to keep drugs in the original container, according to jail records.