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Gordon County Sheriff recognizes deputy for drug court service

Today (January 9th) Sheriff Mitch Ralston recognized Deputy Keith Jones for distinguished service following several years as being assigned to Circuit Drug Court duties. Deputy Jones was posted from the Sheriff’s Office to the Drug Court from August, 2012 through December, 2018. Jones’ duties included the direct surveillance and supervision of drug court participants as well as attending each session of drug court in the judicial circuit. Jones is a 10 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ralston presented Deputy Jones with the Sheriff’s Office’s Distinguished Service medal, and an accompanying citation which read in part, ”rendering immeasurable aid and assistance... helping to rebuild lives affected by drug abuse while concurrently upholding the rule of the law." Both Sheriff Ralston, and Cherokee Judicial Circuit Judge Scott Smith, who oversees the Circuit Drug Court, made kind remarks about Deputy Jones, praising his level of dedication and work ethic.