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Gordon County Deputy chases stolen F-350 TA service truck early Saturday morning into Bartow County

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, at approximately 3:00A.M., Sergeant R.C. Garcia of the Gordon County Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Division was en route to the area of Fairmount Highway/ Foster Lusk Road in reference to a stolen white 2015 Ford F-350 TA service truck that was being GPS tracked. Sgt. Garcia observed a white Ford TA service truck traveling west on Fairmount Highway passing Public Safety Drive. Sgt. Garcia observed a white male driving the truck with short hair. The male turned his head to look at Sgt. Garcia, made eye contact with Sgt. Garcia, the truck accelerated at a high rate of speed, and the truck turned right onto Lovers Lane. Sgt. Garcia activated his emergency blue lights and sirens and the truck continued to flee. Sgt. Garcia advised Gordon County 911 that he was actively pursuing the truck. The truck turned into Longhorn and continued to flee around the back of Longhorn. The truck jumped a curb, drove through the grass, and continued fleeing into the parking lot of Applebee's. The truck went behind Applebee's and around the side of the building. Sgt. Garcia exited the parking lot in Longhorn and turned into the Applebee's parking lot. Sgt. Garcia drove to the front of Applebee's the truck drove into the direction of Sgt. Garcia patrol vehicle. Sgt. Garcia felt like the truck was going to hit him. The truck then jumped another curb while making a left turn onto Fairmount Highway and continued fleeing east onto Fairmount Highway. Sgt. Garcia continued giving pursuit east on Fairmount Highway at approximately 95 MPH. The truck began driving in both lanes, driving in the opposite lanes of travels in curves, and failing to maintain its lane. Sgt. Garcia advised Gordon County 911 that he was requesting GPS assistance. Sgt. Garcia asked Fairmount Police if they was clear on the pursuit, Fairmount stated they were en route to Sgt. Garcia. Sgt. Garcia advised Fairmount that he needed spike strips because the vehicle was to big and had a had a metal ramp on the rear to try and use an evasive maneuver without disabling Sgt. Garcia's vehicle. The truck made a right turn onto Folsom Road and continued fleeing at 95 mph while driving in both lanes. Sgt. Garcia advised Gordon County 911 to advise Adairsville Police Department and Bartow County. The truck turned right onto County line road and continued fleeing into Bartow County before running a stop sign while turning left onto Folsom Glade road. The truck turned left onto Perry road and continued fleeing before making a sharp right turn onto Hobgood Road with out using its turn signal. The truck turned left onto Nally Road and continued to flee. The truck turned left onto Mt. Pleasant Road and began to pull away from Sgt. Garcia. Gordon County 911 advised the GPS was on Highway 140 close to Adairsville. Sgt. Garcia advised Gordon County 911 that he lost visual of the truck on Mt. Pleasant and to check the location of the GPS again. Sgt. Garcia turned his lights and sirens off. Gordon County then stated that the vehicle was North bound on Highway 411 as Sgt. Garcia was turning on 411. Sgt. Garcia asked for an updated location and Gordon County 911 advised it was to the right of Sgt. Garcia off Falling Springs Road stopped in the woods by a pond. Bartow County and Sgt. Garcia observed the cattle fence was damaged and ran over. Sgt. Garcia and Bartow County Deputies drove through the pasture and into the woods and observed a tree knocked down and the vehicle abandoned with a flat tire. Sgt. Garcia turned over the vehicle to Bartow County deputies to be returned to the victim and went back in service.