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Folkston Georgia man arrested for DUI after passing Dalton PD officer going over 100 mph on I-75

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Saturday, January 18th, 2020, at approximately 9:58 PM, Officer Bowen was driving to work southbound on I-75 when a 2006 chevy Chevrolet Impala passed him at a very high rate of speed, estimated at over 100 mph. Officer Bowen turned on emergency equipment to catch up to the vehicle and perform a traffic stop. Officer Bowen also noted in the report that he noticed he was doing over 100 mph while catching up. The Impala continued southbound and finally stopped just south of the 336 (Rocky Face) southbound on-ramp. The driver, later identified as Robert McGarrett Maxwell, 48, Folkston, Georgia, fumbled in his wallet looking for his license at one point pulling his license from his wallet and then putting them back and getting another card. The officer asked Maxwell if he had been drinking, and he said a little. Maxwell finally was finally able to get his license to the officer. He advised the officer that his license was suspended, and all he had was a Georgia ID card. The officer performed some field sobriety tests on him. Maxwell showed many clues during the tests. The officer then asked Maxwell to blow into the handheld Alco-Sensor. Maxwell acted like he was blowing, but after three attempts, it cut off. The officer reset the device and asked him to try again. When the officer saw the first reading, he took a sample, and it registered .119. Maxwell began cursing and said he was going to blow again after being placed under arrest. Once at Whitfield County Jail, another officer attempted to run the state-administered breath test, but Maxwell refused. Maxwell was charged with DUI, suspended license, and too fast for conditions.