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Drunk man arrested for urinating in public, bar owner warned for violating Dalton city ordinance

Updated: Aug 1

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Sunday, July 26th, 2020, at around 1:15 AM, Officers Castillo and Morang were conducting some foot patrol in the area of North Hamilton Street. Officers were walking through the area and came to the new restaurant Tenoch Urban Kitchen & Bar, located at 319 North Hamilton Street where the bar District 319 was. While walking outside in the front of the restaurant, officers noticed several people outside on the sidewalk drinking beers from glass and metal cans. Officers counted at least four glass bottle beers and around the same amount of can beers outside being held by people. Officers decided to make contact with the business to remind them of the city ordinance 6-9 possession in public places. The ordinance states- drinking from can, bottle, or glass prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to drink or attempt to drink any alcoholic beverage from a can, bottle, or glass or to possess in an open can, bottle, or glass any alcoholic beverage on the streets, sidewalks, rights of way, and parking lots, whether public or privet. Officers made contact with the owner, later identified as Rigoberto Barragan. Officer advised him that meant he was the license holder of the business and alcohol license. Rigoberto advised that the licenses were not under his name, but he was the owner. Officers asked him if he was aware of the city ordinance about drinking out in public. Officers had him turn around and look at all the people outside drinking from can and glass bottles. Rigoberto advised that he understood and would do better at keeping people from going outside with those drinks. Officers advised Rigoberto that they wanted him to have a successful business, but he would need to do his part and enforce the city ordinances as a business owner. Officers also asked him how he was keeping up with underage people that cannot drink. Rigoberto advised that security would put an "X" on their hand so they would not be served. Officer Castillo advised Rigoberto that just last night, they had a hit-and-run crash that occurred in front of the restaurant, and one of the drivers was underage. In that case, the subject had simply gone inside the bathroom and washed off the "X" that had been put on his hand. Officer Castillo advised that they had to check ID's before serving, and they could not just go by this simple way of placing an "X" on people's hands. While officers were beginning to make there way back to their patrol cars on the backside of the building, they saw a subject later identified as Ramiz Arshad, 32 of Dalton, walking around with a can of beer in his hand. This can was the same brand that the other subjects had been drinking in front of the restaurant. Both officers observed Ramiz drinking from the beer can while walking in the gravel parking lot. Officers shined their flashlights at Ramiz, but he continued. Ramiz then placed his beer down and went between a dumpster and another object. Officers walked over to see what Ramiz was doing. They observed Ramiz actively urinating in plain view of the public with his penis out. Ramiz appeared to have a hard time standing upright and kept swaying back and forth. Officers made contact with Ramiz who was now urinating. Officer Castillo asked him what he was doing. Ramiz only advised that he was peeing. While officers talked with Ramiz, he continued to pee. Ramiz finally finished up and wanted to know what was wrong. Officers advised the subject that he was peeing in public, Ramiz advised that he needed to pee. While talking to the subject Officer Castillo could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his mouth/person. Officer Castillo asked him if he had come out of Tenoch. Ramiz advised that he had. At this time, Ramiz was placed in handcuffs and arrested for public drunkenness and public indecency. Officer Morang went to get his patrol SUV and transported him to the Whitfield County Jail. Officer Castillo then went back to the restaurant to talk with Rigoberto. He advised Rigoberto that they had just arrested another subject that had walked out of his restaurant with another can of beer. Rigoberto asked how they knew he had been at his business. Officer Castillo advised him it was the same brand of beer that the other subjects had been drinking outside. Rigoberto advised that people could buy that beer anywhere. Officer Castillo also advised him that the subject had told me he had just come out of his restaurant. Rigoberto then advised that he was sorry again and would try harder.