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Drunk Dalton men arrested after vehicle gets stuck while driving on train tracks

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on August 15th, 2020, at around 4:10 AM, Officer Castillo, was actively patrolling the area of Hamilton Street and Hawthorne Street. Officer Castillo stated, "As [I] was driving, [I] looked to my left and saw a vehicle sideways on the train tracks and two subjects walking away from the vehicle on Chattanooga Avenue." Officer Morang, who was behind Officer Castillo, quickly got out with the vehicle on the train tracks and went after the two subjects that Officer Castillo had seen walking away from the area. Officer Castillo approached the subjects and asked them to stop, but they kept walking. Officer Castillo reported, "[I] got out of my patrol car and thought the subjects might be fixing to run, but they both stopped, after [I] yelled at them to stop again." The subject identified as Edelfo De Leon Juarez, 23 of Dalton, said that he was just coming to help his friend that was stuck on the train tracks. This subject was later identified as Elionias Solis Santizo, 25, also of Dalton. Elionias said to the officer that he had made a wrong turn and gotten stuck on the train tracks. He went on to say that he was coming over to visit Edelfo after leaving the "La Dona," which is a bar located just off Redwine Street. The officer asked Edelfo how much he had to drink, and he said he was going, to be honest, only had four beers. Officer Castillo reported, "While talking to Elionias, [I] could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his mouth/person. [I] also noticed that his eyes were red and glassy. [I] observed that Elionias was uneasy on his feet and appeared to have trouble maintaining his balance." When asked if he was ok to be driving, he said that he had not done anything really bad and had only drunk some beers. During field sobriety testing, Elionias showed several clues of impermanent. The last test that was explained and demonstrated to Elionias was the field Alco-Sensor test. During this test, Elionias showed a positive breath alcohol content of .138. At this time, Elionias was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), and read Georgia's Implied Consent Suspects 21 and over notification at the scene and asked for breath. As per policy, Elionias was asked if he was a U. S. Citizen. Elionias advised that he was not a U.S. Citizen and would like for his consulate to be notified. Officer Fouts had been talking to Edelfo and advised that he, too, was also intoxicated. Officer Fouts also placed him under arrest for being under the influence. Both were transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Once at the jail, Officer Castillo was advised by Officer Fouts that Edelfo was not a U. S. Citizen but did not want the Guatemala consulate to be notified. Officer Castillo explained the consulate form and had both Elionias and Edelfo sign the form. Edelfo was charged with pedestrian under the influence. Edelfo also registered positive for alcohol with a .126. Officer Castillo cited Elionias for DUI, failure to maintain lane, driving while unlicensed, and improper stopping/parking on roadway. The consulate notification form for Elionias was faxed to the Guatemalan consulate in Washington, D.C.