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Drunk Dalton man yells racial slurs at ER nurses and deputy after physical domestic

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on October 1st, 2020, Two deputies were dispatched to an address on 1st Street in reference to a physical domestic. While en route, dispatch advised the male offender was in a bedroom cutting himself. Both deputies entered the residence and went to the back bedroom. A deputy announced, "Sheriff's office open the door!" the male, later identified as Hank Griggs, 51 of Dalton, advised Deputies if they wanted the door opened, they would have to kick it in. The first deputy had the TASER, less lethal, the other deputy covered with his weapon while the deputy kicked open the door. Deputies observed Hank with a knife in his left hand standing on the backside of the bed from the door. With his TASER on Hank, the deputy ordered Hank to drop the knife, which Hank did drop the knife on the bed. The deputy moved to the left of the room to cover Hank while the other deputy handcuffed him. Once handcuffed, the deputy advised dispatch that Hank was in custody and that the scene was secure for EMS to respond for treatment. The victim advised the deputies that Hank had come home intoxicated. She stated at first things were okay but advised as time passed, Hank became argumentative. When she advised him she was leaving, Hank Held her down on the bed. She stated she was able to get a stick and got up. She drew the stick back, at which time she did break some glass. She stated Hank had also taken her phone to keep her from calling 911, which dispatch advised that they had a call from a 911 only phone. Once at Hamilton Medical Center, Hank became very loud and boisterous, cussing loudly, causing a scene in the Emergency Room. Hank was cursing the nurses at the nurse's station, and once in the trauma room, he continued to cuss loudly as he did reek with a smell associated with an alcoholic beverage. As ER Nurse (Rodriguez) was attempting to treat Hank, he would cuss her loudly. Hank began to talk about white power and that he was a racist and did not like anyone who was not white. This was done in the presence of RN Rodriguez. When another RN in the ER came into the room to assist with the treatment, he began to cuss her as well. Both did their best to calm Hank down, but he would not stop cursing them. The deputy advised Hank several times that there were ladies in the room, and he did not need to be cursing them. Hank would briefly stop then start his loud cussing and making racial statements about hating anyone who was not white and white power. While the deputy stepped out of the room to get nurses information. Hank began calling a deputy the "N" word and cussing hospital security as well. As Hank was causing a problem in the Emergency Room, he was treated by medical for his injuries to his left arm. Hank was cleared by Doctors at Hamilton Medical Center to be transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Hank was charged with public drunk, disorderly conduct, false imprisonment, and interfering with a 911 call. According to the Georgia Department of Corrections records, Hank has been charged with several theft charges dating back to '90s.