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Drunk Dalton man threatens officers and head-butts patrol vehicle during arrest

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report on Friday, February 7th, 2020, at around 4:50 PM, officers were dispatched to 1125 East Walnut Avenue in reference to a disturbance. Prior to the arrival, dispatchers advised a middle-aged Hispanic male was touching the caller's vehicle. He didn't stop until she advised she was calling cops and at that time, the male ran off towards a bakery in the same plaza dressed in a brown jacket and a book bag. Once on scene, they observed a middle-aged Hispanic male wearing a brown jacket standing in front of the business shop. Officers approached the male, later identified Jose Leonardo Velaz Ques-Perez, 53, of Dalton. Officers advised they could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his person. The female complainant approached both officers and pointed at Jose. She said that as she was pulling into the parking lot, Jose approached her vehicle and attempted to enter the vehicle. She stated that he continued to pull on the door handle, and then struck the back of her vehicle with his hand. She then stated that she was scared for herself and her child. Jose did not have a valid reason for being in the area. Meanwhile, a store owner stated that Jose had been loitering in the area for multiple hours. An officer asked Jose if he would agree to take an Alco-Sensor breathalyzer test. Jose stated that he did not agree to take the test. Due to the events listed above, the odor of alcohol coming from Jose's person, and Jose admitting to drinking beer, officers decided to place him under arrest for public intoxication. While trying to place him under arrest, Jose tensed up, and in a quick, violent motion, he moved his arms to the front of his body. Officers continued to struggle with Jose, who continued to resist arrest. Eventually, officers were able to place handcuffs on Jose. Once Jose was in handcuffs, he began yelling curse words at officers.

According to the report, "Jose yelled several times that he was going to "kick my ass," to one of the officers. He then refused to walk to the patrol car. Both officers had to assist him to the patrol car. Once at the patrol vehicle, Jose continued to make threats to harm officers and would not enter the patrol car. Officers then made the decision to assist Jose into the patrol car. Jose then threw his head back, and his head made contact with the patrol car. Jose's action of throwing his head back and hitting the officer's patrol car caused damage to the vehicle. A dent was located in the spot where his head struck the vehicle. Once in the patrol vehicle, Jose continued to resist arrest, blocking them from closing the door. While Jose was in the back of the patrol car, he continued to scream and began kicking the passenger side rear door. Jose used his feet in a fast and violent motion to kick the door and window/cage of the patrol car. A hobble restraint device was brought to the scene and placed around Jose's legs to prevent him from causing further damage to the vehicle. While Jose was seated on the ground, Jose looked the officer in the eyes and made the following statement "When [I] get out of jail, I'm going to find you and kill you." Jose continued to yell and cuss at the officers. He then kicked the officer in the lower leg. Jose was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail. While en route to the jail, Jose made several statements that he was going to kill the officer when he gets out of jail. Jose was charged with obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers- felony x2, public intoxication, terroristic threats - felony, and interference with government property.