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Drunk Blairsville man arrested after assaulting bar patrons at Dalton bar Saturday morning

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Saturday, January 11, 2020, at approximately 12:02 AM, Dalton Police Officer Nesbitt was dispatched to 324 South Depot Street, Crescent City Tavern in reference to an assault that had just occurred. While en route to the call, the officer was informed that the assault had happened with a knife. Once the officer arrived, he noticed a male subject later identified as Daniel Evans Rogers, 40, of Blairsville on the ground with a crowd of people standing around him. Security advised the officer that was the male that had just assaulted another male. Security also gave the officer a knife that was used by Rogers. Officer Johnson was also on scene and assisted with placing Rogers in custody. Rogers began cursing and appeared to be heavily intoxicated. According to the report, the security guard on-scene stated that Rogers had just used the aforementioned knife in an attack against another bar patron. While doing so, the officer observed a large contusion on the back of Rogers's head. According to the report, it was actively bleeding; due to the injury, and the complete lack of cooperation afforded by Rogers, the officer determined that it was unsafe to have Rogers transported to the ER by EMS personnel. Rogers was then transported to Hamilton Medical Center. According to security, the injury was sustained during the course of Rogers attempting to assault another male. Rogers was subsequently pushed backward off a set of stairs in front of the business, hitting the back of his head on the concrete. Security stated to that Rogers had to be forcefully removed from the business due to his belligerence. Security then stated that Rogers came back into the bar, armed with a knife. When security approached Rogers a second time to have him leave the business, another male stepped in and told Rogers to leave as well. Rogers then swung in an uppercut motion at the other male, with the hand in which the knife was in. Another male shoved Rogers, in a defensive manner, off of the steps to avoid being cut or stabbed with the knife. Officers located another victim identified as a Rocky Face man stated that while he was on the dance floor, he noticed Rogers getting ready to try and hit him. He stated he avoided being hit, and his friend stepped in for him. A Nashville woman who was working for the band that was performing at the tavern said she observed Rogers on the dance floor attempt to strike another male with his hand. She stated that Rogers also removed his shirt, and threw it at her during the altercation. Rogers was very uncooperative at the hospital, refusing to talk to officers or the hospital staff. According to the report, "He stated multiple times he was going to blow the building up and kill us all." "He told one of the nurses that if she came near him with a shot, it would be the end for her." He also stated to officers that they would pay for what they were doing and that they would not be here tomorrow. After being cleared, Rogers was transported the Whitfield County Jail charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and terroristic threats or acts.