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Decatur men arrested on felony drug charges after officer stops drunk driver traveling 90 mph

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Friday, July 24th, 2020, at around 2:17 AM, FCPD PFC Puckett was performing stationary patrol on GA 20 at its intersection with Biddy Road. He observed a vehicle in the outside lane appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed. The officer estimated the gray 2015 Nissan Sentra with a Tennessee license plate, to be traveling approximately 80mph. His radar unit displayed speed of 78mph. Even after passing the patrol unit, the vehicle appeared to continue to accelerate. The officer activated his emergency equipment and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. While approaching the Bartow County line on GA 20, the officer advised dispatch that they were crossing over into Bartow County. Once behind the Nissan, the officer advised dispatch that the vehicle still had not come to a stop and that they were traveling at approximately 90mph. The vehicle finally came to a stop east of Alford Road after rolling for a short distance at around 45mph. The driver identified as Rickey Franklin, 33 of Decatur appeared to have urinated on himself. The officer did smell an odor of urine while he was at the driver's window. While Franklin was giving the officer his name and date of birth, the officer observed that Franklin's eyes appeared bloodshot, and he was slurring his speech slightly. The passenger, identified as Samuel Williams, 28 of Decatur, told Franklin, "watch your speech impediment." The officer had Franklin to step out of the vehicle and step back to his patrol unit so he could gather the information needed for the citation. Once Franklin was out of the vehicle, it became apparent that he was uneasy on his feet and unable to walk in a straight line. Franklin was unable to stand without swaying, and Franklin's slurred speech became even more evident. At this point, the officer could detect the odor of alcoholic beverages emitting from his breath and person. The officer asked Franklin how much he had to drink. Franklin had already told the officer previously that he was leaving a party inside the city of Rome, his eyes appeared bloodshot, his speech was slurred, and he appeared to have urinated on himself. Franklin claimed the liquid on his shorts was water. Franklin told the officer that he drank "prolly like two drinks" initially. Franklin then said that while he was at the party, he drank three drinks from a cooler, which was "on some college shit, with some mixed shit." Franklin went on to fail the field evaluations given by the officer to determine his sobriety. Franklin was advised he was being arrested for DUI and placed into handcuffs. Franklin had a large amount of cash on his person, which totaled close to $11,000. The officer requested an available K-9 to the scene. Deputy Lafrance, with the Bartow County Sheriff's office, was on scene with the officer assisting and contacted a K-9. Franklin was read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice and refused to test. The passenger Williams attempted to lock the keys inside of the vehicle. Williams told the officer it was because Franklin has trust issues Deputy Robinson, who is a K-9 handler for the Bartow County Sheriffs' office, arrived on scene and deployed his K-9 for the purpose of detecting narcotics. Deputy Robinson advised Officer Puckett that his K-9 gave a positive alert to the vehicle for the presence of narcotics. A search of the vehicle revealed a plastic bag, which was on the floor between the passenger seat and passenger front door. The bag contained five smaller bags that contained multi-colored and multi-shaped tablets, which were Ecstasy. The five smaller bags were divided as follows. Two of the bags contained nine tablets, two of the bags contained eight tablets, and the 5th bag contained seven tablets. The total of the tablets recovered was four tablets. Located underneath the bag containing the tablets was a bag that contained a small amount of marijuana. At this point, Williams was placed in handcuffs and advised he was being detained. Both Williams and Franklin were advised of their Miranda rights and advised they did not have knowledge of the narcotics inside of the vehicle. Due to neither Williams nor Franklin taking claim of the narcotics, both males were arrested and charged with the possession of the narcotics. Franklin was charged with felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance with intent to distribute, and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, speeding, DUI, and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Williams was charged with felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, as well as misdemeanor possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.