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Dalton woman sentenced to 43 years in prison for fraud-related charges

A Dalton woman was sentenced to 43 years in prison without the possibility of parole Tuesday in a Whitfield County courtroom for 16 identity fraud-related charges, authorities said in a press release. Conasauga Judicial Circuit District Attorney Bert Poston said in a news release 37-year-old Cara Ann Williams, also known as Kaesarea Williams, was found guilty Friday following just a 12-minute deliberation by a Whitfield County Jury. The release said she was found guilty of the following charges aggravated identity fraud, forgery, financial transaction car theft and false statements. The release said Williams worked at two local businesses in the Dalton area while using false identification documents, which belonged to a former friend of Williams’ and a person from North Carolina.

Dalton police also said they found more forged documents and stolen credit cards in her possession. Williams admitted to “many aspects of the crimes” during her testimony in court. The release also said she also had a separate five-year prison sentence for unlawfully possessing a telephone in the Whitfield County Jail, in addition to her sentence for these crimes. That sentence was given to Williams on December 18, and both sentences will run concurrently.

Superior Court Judge Cindy Morris denied Williams parole due to her past convictions, which include eight felonies.