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Dalton woman refuses to give officer ID, kicks and resists arrest during traffic stop with son

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on July 30th, 2020, Officer McBrayer was assisting Officer Smith with his traffic stop on East Morris Street in the area of Martha sue Drive. While Officer McBrayer was on the scene, he observed a silver Chevrolet Malibu pull into the parking lot of the convenient store where they were located. The officer observed that the vehicle had illegal blue lights underneath the vehicle that were illuminating the ground. The officer then made my way over to the vehicle, where he made contact with the driver, Leslie Patterson, 31 of Dalton. Officer McBrayer explained to Patterson that the lights under her car were illegal. After he explained that to her, he told her that she needed to turn them off, or she would receive a citation. She then said that she did not know how to turn them off but that she would let her husband know. Officer McBrayer asked her if she had a switch for them, and she stated, not that she knew of. The officer then observed a juvenile male moving around in the front seat, and it appeared that he was trying to locate the switch to turn off the blue lights. Patterson told him to sit there. The officer told Patterson that if he was going to turn them off, then he needed to do so. Patterson then tells the officer no that her husband can turn them off since he was the one who put them in. Officer McBrayer then told her that they were going to address the violation right then, not later. Officer Ridley arrived on the scene and was asked to pull in behind the car and activate his emergency lights. Patterson then told her juvenile son to "Record this shit." Officer McBrayer walked over to Patterson and advised her that he needed to see her driver's license, which is a normal traffic stop procedure. Patterson asked the officer why, and he explained that she was being pulled over for a blue light violation. Patterson continued to give the officer trouble and would never provide her ID. Patterson then tried to walk past the officer to go into the store and was stepped in front of by the officer to block her path. Patterson was huffing and puffing in the parking lot and talking loud, causing a huge scene. The officer then decided that since she was not going to comply with the stop and provide her license that she was going to be taken to jail. Patterson stated that she had not done anything wrong and would not turn around for the officer. After being placed into custody, she continued to try and turn away from the officer. Patterson would not walk in the direction of the patrol car. Patterson continued to resist arrest and began jumping, jerking around, and screaming that the officer was hurting her. She then intentionally went down to her knees in front of the officer's patrol car and continued to carry on. Officers contacted Lt. Zahn to respond to the scene. They told her several times that she needed to stand up and walk to the car compliantly. She still tried jerking away from the officer. For a brief moment, Patterson decided to stand and walk to the car without any problems. Once to the rear of the official car, Patterson made a comment about her son being in the car and that officers were not taking her anywhere with him. She then again started trying to jerk out of the officer's hands. Patterson had to be pushed up against the car to try and control her movements, and when they did so, she began kicking her leg up, trying to make contact with any of the officers that were close. Officer McBrayer felt her leg strike his leg at one point while she was kicking wildly. Dashcam captured the encounter, and you can hear in the video, Officer Smith, tell Patterson that she needed to stop kicking. Officer Smith had to place his foot on her leg to keep her from continuing to try and kick the officers. Patterson was finally secured in the back seat of the patrol vehicle. After she was secured, the officer observed that he was bleeding to his right index finger that was caused during the articulation with Patterson. Patterson's husband Osvaldo Tugwell, arrived on the scene and was angry but later calmed down. Patterson was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with felony obstruction, battery, blue light violation, and failure to present driver's license.