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Dalton Walmart shoplifter tased, arrested after foot pursuit, warrants issued for Chatsworth woman

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on October 12th, at approximately 9:25 PM, A deputy was dispatched to the Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut Avenue in reference to a shoplifting in progress. Upon arrving, the deputy met with a Walmart Employee in front of the Market entrance. The employee advised that there was a male and female, later identified as Gregory Shepard, 50 of Dalton and Jamey Thomas, 24 of Chatsworth, currently removing items from the original packaging. They were bagging the items into a Walmart bag from the checkout and also placing items into Thomas's purse. The deputy confronted Shepard and Thomas in an isle way towards the back of the store as the loss prevention associate approached the shoplifters from behind. Shepard and Thomas were both advised to follow the associate to the rear of the store. Shepard and Thomas both walked down the aisle and turned left towards the back of the store. Shepard stated, "I don't know what to do," then took off running towards the exit. The deputy pursued Shepard on foot towards McDonald's. When Shepard began approaching East Walnut Avenue, the deputy yelled for Shepard to stop running, advising he was going to tase him if he did not stop. Due to Shepard and the deputy getting close to East Walnut Avenue, the deputy drew and deployed his Taser, striking Shepard in the lower right portion of his back with the Taser before both parties reached the roadway to eliminate the possibility of being struck by a vehicle. The Taser made good contact causing neuromuscular incapacitation, causing Shepard to fall down onto his side. Shepard then rolled over onto his back and was then placed in handcuffs. The deputy removed the Taser prong from Shepard's back. EMS responded to evaluate Shepard's head, which was bleeding, and checking the entrance marks from the Taser's prongs. EMS advised that Shepard's injuries were minor and that Shepard did not need any further medical attention. The loss prevention associate gives the deputy the paperwork for all of the items Shepard attempted to steal. Shepard was transported to Whitfield County Detention Jail, where he was served with several bench and probation warrants. The Loss prevention associate advised that Thomas took off running shortly after the deputy began pursuing Shepard on foot. Deputies were unable to locate Thomas. Warrants were taken for Thomas for theft by shoplifting. The shoplifted items were Kiss Nail Kit $7.87, Pantene Conditioner $6.97, Skintimate Shaving Creme $1.47, Eye Shadow 14.00 Kiss Nails $6.97, Bed Head Hair Creme $14.27, Pantene Dry Shampoo $6.97, Covergirl Powder $8.83, Advil $19.98, Tylenol $9.47, $Dove Men care $5.52, and Dove Men care $5.52 for a total of $121.54