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Dalton teen wanted on felony fraud charges caught shoplifting steak and drink from Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on August 19th, 2020, at around 1:50 PM, Officer Hill responded to Walmart located at 815 Shugart Road in reference to a shoplifting. Upon his arrival, he spoke to two female Walmart loss prevention associates. They advised they had a male and female in custody. Loss prevention associates showed the officer video of the couple shoplifting a pack of steak (Carne Picada) and a 20 oz bottle of sprite. The total value of the items stolen was 14.37 before tax. Loss prevention associates showed the officer the video of the male and female going through self check-out. While at self check-out, the female later identified as Miranda Tinson, 19 of Dalton, scanned multiple items and placed them in bags. Miranda left the steak at the bottom of the buggy. Miranda then initially attempted to conceal the steak under a bag before taking the steak and putting it in a bag without scanning it. Miranda also placed the already opened and consumed sprite bottle in a bag without paying for it. The male and female then paid for the items that they scanned and went to leave the store. The associate did not stop the couple until they had passed the last point of sale. When the officer asked if they had driver licenses or identification cards on them, they said that they did not have identifications. The male finally identified himself and stated that he did not know his girlfriend was shoplifting and was just embarrassed. The officer ran the male's information through dispatch, and he returned clear. Miranda came back unlicensed and with a warrant through the Whitfield County Sheriff's Department for card fraud. The associate advised that she just wanted he male trespassed from the property but that she wanted Miranda charged with shoplifting. Miranda was served with warrant W20-915. According to that incident report, on June 21st, 2020, Officer Ridley met with a complainant who advised someone attempted fraudulent purchases using her credit card. According to the report, the elderly victim showed the officer her Wells Fargo Bank statement, where someone withdrew over $300 from an ATM and attempted two transactions from the Walmart located at 815 Shugart Road. Both transactions, one for $101.02 and another for $81.02, were denied. The victim stated she did not attempt any of the transactions. The victim told the officer that she had to get several replacement cards sent to her, which were mailed to her old address located at 820 Shugart Road (The Cliffs Apartments). Officers were Familiar with the apartment and residents due to a previous incident. After watching surveillance footage from Walmart and further investigating warrants for the arrest of Miranda was issued. The charges included financial transaction card theft, identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud, and false statements or writings; conceal facts or fraudulent documents in matters of government. Miranda Tinson was booked in on the warrants and shoplifting charge.