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Dalton teen arrested by Dalton PD for DUI after traffic stop for running stop sign Saturday night

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Saturday, January 11th, 2020, at approx. 8:54 Dalton Police Officer Guerrero was patrolling the area of East Morris Street near Easterling Street, keeping the citizens of Dalton safe. As the officer was approaching this intersection, he noticed a 1998 gray Chevy pick up truck traveling southbound on Easterling street. He then noticed this vehicle run the stop sign and then come to a stop whenever it was on the westbound traveling lane of East Morris Street. The truck then turned left on East Morris Street. At this point the officer turned activated his blue lights and turned back around to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. As Officer Guerrero was turning around, he noticed the truck had already pulled into the parking lot of 705 East Morris Street. Officer Guerrero then parked behind the vehicle and began calling out the traffic stop to Whitfield County Dispatch. As Officer Guerrero was doing so, the driver of the vehicle opened its door and was halfway out of the vehicle on his cell phone. Officer Guerrero walked up to the driver later identified as Cesar Antonio Morales, 18, of Dalton, and proceeded with the standard traffic stop procedures. Cesar responded by saying, "I have an emergency I have an emergency" Officer Guerrero asked Cesar what the emergency was. Cesar stated he was unsure but his soon to be wife was calling him and that she was currently in Mexico. Officer Guerrero then asked Cesar again what the emergency was. Cesar stated that his soon to be wife was calling and he was on his way to a Mexican store to send her some money before it closed. Officer Guerrero then asked Cesar for his driver's license, and Cesar stated he did not have it on his person. Cesar stated that his license is probably suspended and that he might have a warrant. Officer Cesar then asked Cesar his name and date of birth, and he provided 'Cesar Morales 30 2001'. Officer Guerrero asked Cesar for the month several more times, and he could not comprehend what the officer was asking for; after a while, Cesar was able to provide the officer with his birth month. The officer observed his eyes were red, and they had a glassy texture to them, and he also detected an odor of alcohol coming from his mouth area. Officer Guerrero asked Cesar if he would perform some field sobriety tests, which he agreed to. When Officer Guerrero asked Cesar if he had anything to drink he responded saying, "yes, I am going to be honest only about four beers." Officers asked Cesar where he was coming from he wouldn't say at first but said he was going to his house from his house. Cesar then told officers he was going to a store from his house. According to the report, Cesar could not stand at all; he would lose his balance, raise his arms for balance, and would also pick his front leg off the ground. After failing the one leg test, Cesar was asked to blow in a handheld Alco-Sensor to measure his breath alcohol concentration level. Cesar registered .163 grams. Cesar was then taken into custody and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Cesar was then read "Implied consent notice for suspects under the age of 21". Cesar stated he would. Officer Stover ran the state test on the Intoxilyzer 9000 in which Cesar registered a.156. Cesar was charged with DUI under age 21 .02 or more citation, underage consumption, Georgia hands-free, failure to stop at a stop sign.