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Dalton PD officers find missing girls who were possibly kidnapped from Ohio at Motel 6

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Thursday, June 24th, 2020, at around 10:07 PM, Officer Jenkins was dispatched to the Motel 6 located at 2200 Chattanooga Road in reference to a possible kidnapping. The officer spoke with the 911 caller, who is the clerk at the motel. She stated that at around 3:36 PM that day, a black male came in and rented a room for himself and two young juveniles. She stated that the male then left in a dark in color SUV. She stated that the two females then began to wander around the parking lot for a few hours. She stated that they then came inside and asked for a key to room 210. She stated that this is when she called Whitfield County 911. Officers then spoke with the juveniles, and they stated that they are from Cincinnati, Ohio, and did not know where they were. They stated that they were walking downtown in Cincinnati when a black male in a dark SUV asked if they needed a ride. They then entered his vehicle and were told he was taking them home. After a few minutes, they realized they were not going in the right direction and asked to be let out. They stated that the male refused to let them out and continued driving. They stated that the next thing they knew, they were at the hotel, and the male was getting them to drink alcohol and attempting to have sexual intercourse with them. They stated that they refused his advances, and he then left. Officer Jenkins reviewed the cameras and was able to see a black male with a mask on check-in and then leave in the dark in color Chevy Equinox. Based on the girl's descriptions, this is the male that picked them up. When the juveniles were run through dispatch they returned back as runaways in Ohio, the guardians for both girls were contacted as well as DFCS and Detective Edwards. Edwards arrived on the scene, and the case was turned over to him.