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Dalton PD looking for man who stole $1,800 vacuum cleaner containing $300 in quarters from car wash

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man who they say stole a large industrial vacuum cleaner from a car wash. The theft was recorded by surveillance cameras at a neighboring gas station which the suspect also visited before the theft. A picture of the suspect is included with this release. The incident happened in the early morning hours of January 26th at the Village Car Wash at 1242 Thornton Avenue. The suspect vehicle, a black Ford 150 pickup truck with a beige or gray stripe on the bottom, was first recorded at the car wash at approximately 4:15 am. The driver appeared to use the vacuum for several minutes before getting back into the truck and driving away southbound on Thornton Avenue at approximately 4:30 am. The same truck pulled back into the car wash and up to the vacuum unit a few minutes later. The suspect then drove to the Citgo station next door at 4:45 am, parking by the air pumps. The suspect then added air to one of his tires before walking into the store. The suspect then drove away with his tailgate down before driving back into the car wash next door at approximately 5:05 am and parking next to the vacuum again. This time, the suspect lifted the vacuum unit into the back of the truck and drove away traveling southbound on Thornton Avenue. The car wash owner told investigators that the suspect apparently loosened and removed the three nuts bolting the vacuum to the concrete mount. The vacuum unit is valued at approximately $1,800 and also contained approximately $300 in quarters when it was stolen. The suspect was recorded by the gas station’s camera system just before the theft.  The suspect is a heavyset white male, wearing a white collared shirt with the Polo logo over a dark underhshirt, a blue jacket, black Nike baseball cap with white swoosh, blue jeans, and white sneakers and black gloves. Anyone who recognizes this suspect is asked to please contact Detective Clinton Travis at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 231. A picture of the suspect is below.