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Dalton PD investigating theft of cash

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man who broke into a register at a local grocery store and stole more than $150 in cash. The man was pushing another man in a wheelchair during the theft.

The theft happened on February 20th at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Walnut Avenue and was recorded by store surveillance. Two men entered the store together, with the suspect pushing a second man in a wheelchair. While the man in the wheelchair made a small purchase at one of the self-checkout stations, the suspect leaned across a partition and worked to break into a cash drawer at the register. At one point, the suspect spotted someone walking past and moved away before resuming his efforts. Once he managed to pop open the cash drawer, the suspect took $155 in cash. He then left, pushing the man in the wheelchair. The suspect is an African-American male who wore a gray hoodie sweatshirt and jeans and a navy baseball cap with a red bill. The man in the wheelchair was also African American and wore a black hoodie. A picture of the suspects is included below.

Anyone who recognizes these men is asked to please contact Detective Charles Williams at 706-278-9085 extension 9280.

Below: The suspect in the gray hooded sweatshirt was pushing a man in a wheelchair.