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Dalton PD investigating lewd acts at restaurant

Update DPD investigator got numerous tips pretty quickly and they’ve identified the suspect. He’s someone with some sort of mental issues, so DPD investigators are going to be working with the DA and probably some other service providers to figure out how best to handle the situation. He’s not in custody at this point, but we’ll release a name when he is charged.

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a man who performed lewd acts at a Dalton fast food restaurant on Sunday. The incident, which was recorded by the store’s surveillance system, was reported to police the next day by store management.

The incident happened at approximately 3:30 pm on Sunday at the Subway restaurant at 1281 Glenwood Avenue. The suspect, a Hispanic male wearing a plain white t-shirt, blue jean shorts, a toboggan hat and glasses, approached the counter and ordered a sandwich. While the employee worked to make the suspect’s sandwich, she realized that the suspect had exposed his genitals and was openly masturbating. The employee was alarmed, but finished making the sandwich and gave it to the suspect, who paid for the meal and left.

Anyone who recognizes this suspect is asked to please contact Detective John Edwards at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 152.