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Dalton pair arrested after homeowner catches them burglarizing house in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office report, on Thursday, October 8th, 2020, at approximately 8:54 AM, deputies responded to an address on Hummingbird Drive. Deputies arrived and made contact with the complainant, who stated he left his parent's residence to go to his residence. The complainant stated as he entered his residence, he noticed his red, white, and blue golf shoes were missing from the front porch. The complainant stated he heard voices coming from downstairs in the basement. The complainant stated no televisions or radios were on in residence. The complainant stated he exited the residence with a shotgun to investigate the basement/garage from the outside. The complainant stated as he approached the basement/garage on the side of the house, he observed Rayburn Ray Smolik Jr., 25 of Dalton, and Sheila Marie Hullender, 37 of Dalton, standing next to the side door of the basement/ garage. The complainant stated he observed the side door to be open. The complainant stated he asked Smolik and Hullender if they had been in his house. The complainant stated he observed a large cooler in the basement that had been moved to the center of the room on the floor. The cooler was full of saw blades and miscellaneous items from the basement as if it were being prepared to be transported. The complainant stated he also observed Smolik wearing his shoes that were missing. The complainant confronted Smolik, who became aggressive, taking his shirt off, provoking a physical altercation. Deputies arrived, detaining both Smolik and Hullender. Hullender stated they were looking for property to rent. Hullender stated they believed the property was vacant. Hullender stated Smolik did take the shoes and later stated he also entered the garage and gathered the items from the inside of the garage and placed them into the cooler. Hullender also provided deputies with the false name of Shelia Lisa Marie Statarted, due to her believing there was an active TPO with no contact conditions between her and Smolik. Smolik and Hullender stated that when they entered the garage, the homeowner came around the residence firing two rounds in the air with a firearm. Smolik and Hullender were transported to the Whitfield County Jail with charged with first-degree burglary (forced entry, dwelling). Hullender was also charged with giving false information to a law officer. Smolik remains in the Whitfield County Jail with no bond for felony probation violation.