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Dalton men arrested after traffic stop driver for DUI and passenger for open container of alcohol

According to a Whitefield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Monday, February 10th, 2020, around 3:51 AM, a deputy observed a grey in color Chrysler 300 driving north in the right-hand lane of Highway 41. The deputy also noticed that the vehicle was driving around 10 miles an hour with the flashers on. The deputy then conducted a suspicious vehicle stop. The driver Mario Jesus Orellana, 21, of Dalton, stated that he had "popped a tire right there." Orellana leaned out of the driver's side window and pointed towards the driver's side rear tire, which was not flat. His story continued not to make sense to the deputy. While the deputy was speaking with Orellana, he noticed that the passenger had a Four Loko beer in his hand and was drinking it. The deputy asked Orellana if he had anything to drink. Orellana stated that he had not. The deputy asked Orellana to give a breath sample into the Alco-Sensor. Mr. Orellana sucked on the straw, put his tongue in the tube, and would not provide a sample. Deputy Caraway was able to catch enough air with the Alco-Sensor to show a positive result. The deputy had Orellana do some Field Sobriety Tests. One test the deputy asked Orellana to start with the letter D and stop at the letter L, Orellana stated D,E,C,U,W,X,Y.Z. He tested poorly in the other tests as well. Based on the field test performed, Orellana swerving and missing objects that are not there, and Orellana not knowing which tire that was flat, Orellana was placed under arrest for DUI. The deputy noticed that the passenger Micheal Ore was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and could not complete his sentences. The deputy placed Ore under arrest for open container of alcohol.

The deputy transported both subjects to the Whitfield County Jail. The deputy charged Ore with Open Container, and Deputy Caraway charged Orellana with failure to maintain lane, operating unsafe vehicle, and DUI less safe.