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Dalton man wanted on felony warrants found sleeping outside Walmart with meth

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020, at around 4:28 PM, Officer McDaniel was patrolling the area of Walmart located at 815 Shugart Road. While patrolling, the officer noticed a man who was asleep on the ground directly next to the soda vending machines. The officer woke the man up and asked for his name so that he could identify him. The man later identified as Alec Matthew Harrison, of Dalton. Harrison asked the officer to walk towards the side of the building because he was embarrassed about how many people were watching the interaction. The officer walked to the patrol vehicle, where he recorded the incident using his dashboard camera. Harrison continued to refuse to identify himself to the officer. Officer McDaniel reported, "At one point, he gave me the name "Benjamin". But later said that he was "Just kidding" when he gave me that name." Eventually, Harrison gave his real name to the officer. After running his name through Whitfield 911, Harrison showed two warrants for felony probation violations. Harrison was placed into custody and searched. While the officer was walking Harrison to the patrol vehicle, he began to scream violently, causing a scene. While searching through his backpack, officers found multiple syringes with a liquid that was suspected to be methamphetamine. The officer also found two spoon heads that had been broken off and bent. A small cylindrical container was also recovered. Inside the container was 4.8 gross grams of an off white crystal-like substance that was suspected to be methamphetamine. Eight pills of 300 milligrams "Gabapentin" were also found inside a small white plastic bag. Harrison was charged with the felony warrants and possession of meth and drug-related objects.