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Dalton man found in possession of meth after driving reckless on East Morris Street

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Friday, October 9th, 2020, at around 7:44 PM, Deputy Townsend was in the process of removing a sign that had fell in the roadway on East Morris Street just before Walnut Avenue. After removing the sign, the deputy heard a vehicle accelerating a high rate of speed. The deputy observed a black Dodge Charger with a red strip down the side, pass his location at a high rate of speed traveling on East Morris Street. The deputy observed the Dodge Charger use the center turn lane to pass the vehicle in front of him. The deputy reported it appeared as though the Charger almost struck another vehicle head-on when it passed in the turning lane. By the time the deputy was able to get his patrol vehicle turned around, he had lost sight of the offender's vehicle. As the deputy was patrolling the area, a concerned citizen/witness contacted the 911 center and advised that the Charger had pulled into the A K Tobacco & Gift Shop located at 1804 East Morris Street. The concerned citizen was also able to provide dispatch with the tag displayed on the vehicle, which returned to a 2015 Dodge Charger. A short time later, the deputy located vehicle in the parking lot. The deputy made contact with the driver, Robert Chesspooch, 22 of Dalton, inside the store. While explaining the incident to Chesspooch outside the store, Chesspooch acknowledged what he did. When asked why he was driving so recklessly, Chesspooch did not have a reason. When the deputy explained to Chesspooch about nearly causing a crash with the other vehicle, Chesspooch acknowledged doing it and then referred to it as a "fuck up." Chesspooch agreed that what he did was very reckless. While conducting a search of Chesspooch, the deputy located white tissue paper in his left front pants pocket. Inside the tissue paper was a glass smoking device commonly used for smoking methamphetamine. In the pipe was methamphetamine. Chesspooch did not wish to speak with the deputy any further. During the inventory of the vehicle, the deputy observed a can inside a Mcdonald's cup. There was a straw sticking out of the lid, which led down inside the can. Upon further investigation, the deputy determined that the can was, in fact, an empty alcoholic beverage (Budweiser) can. As the deputy continued to the inventory, he located another meth pipe Chesspooch was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with reckless driving, improper passing, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug-related objects, and open container. The deputy spoke with the witness, who stated that she was one of the vehicles that Chesspooch passed using the turning lane. She stated that she observed the Charges traveling at a high rate of speed and pass several other vehicles using the turning lane.