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Dalton man facing cruelty to children charges after drinking leads to violent domestic with wife

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020, at around 12:24 AM, deputies were dispatched to an address on Sydney Circle to a domestic dispute. Dispatch advised a female who was involved was a few houses down on Sydney Circle. When the deputy arrived on the scene and exited his patrol vehicle, he could hear items being thrown around and crying. Deputy Harper made contact with the victim, who was sitting on a couch with Juvenile 1 wrapped up in a blanket. The deputy could see visible red marks around the victims' throat. The victim advised her husband Diego had been drinking today. The victim advised she told him he needed to stop drinking and go to bed. The victim then began to cry and stated she told Diego she was going to call the cops if he did not stop drinking and stop messing with her kids. The victim advised Diego to become more irate and went and got a handgun and stated, "go ahead and call them." The victim advised she went to the bedroom with Diego, hoping he would go to sleep. The victim advised Diego got on top of her and would not let her up. The victim advised Juvenile 1 was next to her, and Juvenile 2 was on the floor. The victim advised she was able to get away from Diego and tried to get her cell phone, and Diego grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze her throat, asking her why she was typing. The victim advised juvenile 1 was crying dad, and juvenile 2 was crying. The victim stated when Diego let go of her throat Diego punched her in the side of the head. The victim advised she left the house to go get help. The victim advised she wanted to go get her children from the house. The victim stated she went back to the house and opened the door, and Diego had a black handgun and pointed at her. The victim advised she closed the door and waited a few seconds and went inside to get her children. The victim said she was able to get Juvenile 1 and was attempting to get Juvenile 2, and Diego would not allow her. The victim stated Diego still had the gun in his hand near the kids waving it around. The victim said she was able to get the handgun away from Diego and put it on a shelf. Deputies went to the original address on Sydney Circle to attempt to make contact with Diego. A deputy knocked on the door three times with no answer. The Deputies could her a child inside the residence, screaming and crying. Due to the crimes that had been committed by Diego and the unknown wellbeing of the child Deputies made entry into the front door, which was unsecured. The deputy observed the entrance to the home to be destroyed with items throw all over the stairs. The deputy observed a child lying on his back on the floor, screaming. The deputy went up the stairs to remove the child from the situation. The deputy handed another Deputy the child. The deputy opened a closed bedroom door and observed the male lying in bed. The deputy gave the male verbal commands to show his hands. The male complied with the orders and was placed in custody without incident. Diego made a spontaneous utterance stating," I should have of shot yall." Diego was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. At the Whitfield County Jail while a deputy was attempting to read Diego his Miranda warning. Diego stated to the deputy, "you didn't have a warrant to be in my house, and [I] should have shot you." Diego Alfredo Vergara, 25 of Dalton was charged with Aggravated Assault, Gun three counts, cruelty to children third, and false imprisonment.