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Dalton man charged with several felonies after stabbing dog and domestic involving knife

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office report, on June 14th, 2020, at approximately 4:29 PM, a deputy arrived at a residence Lawson Avenue in reference to animal cruelty. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the victim. Who stated that he and another man were sitting inside the residence when they heard the victim's dog, a black in color lab mix, start barking and then suddenly begin to cry and yelp. The victim stated that when he and man got to the door of the residence, they saw Devan Vigil, 22 of Dalton leaving the area where the dog was contained and get into a dark blue or gray in color Kia SUV. When the victim and the man got outside, they noticed that the victim's dog had several stab wounds. The deputy observed stab wounds on the dog's lower jaw, left side of the head, the top left side of the neck as well as the bottom left side of the neck. The deputy also stated there was another stab wound on the dog's back hips. Photos of the dog's injuries were taken and were uploaded to Evidence.com. This case was left active pending further investigation. According to a separate incident report, on June 24th, 2020, at approximately 5:07 PM, a deputy, Animal Control Deputy, and another deputy were dispatched to an address on Crown Lake Dr in reference to a domestic dispute in progress. Dispatch advised that the caller was not providing much information, but they could hear a female say that a male had begun to cut his throat. When the deputy arrived on the scene, he advised that as he walked to the door and announced that he was with the sheriff's office. The deputy asked if he could come inside, and when he did so, a male was at the back door. The male then ran out the door, jumped off the back porch, and ran into the woods. The deputy followed and gave chase advised dispatch that the male subject was running on foot. Two other deputies arrived on scene moments later, and one of them went into the woods with the deputy. A deputy spoke with two females who were both visibly shaken up. They advised that the victim's ex-husband, Devan Vigil, had come to the residence the day before. Vigil advised that he had no other place to go, that he needed help to stop using drugs, and he needed to take a shower. A deputy advised dispatch of Vigil's name and date of birth, and they advised he had an active Bench Warrant through the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office. The victim stated that upon arrival to the residence, Vigil appeared to be high on some sort of drug due to his erratic behavior and stated he hadn't slept in days. Vigil had woken up at approximately 4:00 PM and became irate about the victim going outside to use her phone. She stated he began asking her questions and stated that Vigil became more agitated. She stated that he advised, "I'm going to take everything you own and worked for". Vigil then stated, "If the cops get called, or they show up before he left, that somebody was going to get hurt." The victim advised that they then went inside. She states that he got up and pushed her then grabbed her. Vigil then advised, "I'm going to show you what it's like to live in the life of Devan." She states he then advised to "go get everything you have and own. Your cards, your wallet, your watch, your phone." Vigil then told her to sit down on the bed while he grabbed a blue box cutter off of a shelf in the room. The victim advised the deputy that she believed that Vigil was going to hurt her with the knife at that point, and she felt as if she was not free to leave. The female from earlier arrived on the scene and stated that as she was speaking to Vigil, the victim mouthed "Call 911," so she left the room and ushered Juvenile 1 away from the bedroom while attempting to call 911. She states that as she did so, she heard the victim scream, "No, Devan, No!" while on the call with 911 dispatchers. A deputy also advised dispatch to set up an extra patrol of the residence in the event that he returns. At approximately 7:24 PM, dispatch was notified that Vigil had returned to the home. Deputies arrived and arrested Vigil. Vigil was taken to the Whitfield County Jail without incident and served on a previous Bench Warrant for similar charges as this report. Warrants were obtained for the following offenses of false imprisonment, simple battery, aggravated assault, knife, willful obstruction of law enforcement and animal cruelty.