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Dalton man arrested on warrants after leaving the scene of suspected DUI crash last month in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Friday, December 27, 2019 at 9:48 PM, Dalton Police officers responded to a vehicle crash at 406 11th Avenue. When officers arrived on scene, they found a truck that had run off the roadway striking a gas pipeline, some electrical power wires, and several parked vehicles before coming to rest in the parking lot. Officers could hear the sound of the natural gas leaking, the Dalton Fire Department and Dalton Utilities were able to control the gas leak and stop it completely. Officer Smith advised Officer Womack that the driver was gone upon his arrival, and there were no witnesses to the crash. An accident report was done to record the accident and place a hold on the offender's vehicle. On the next day Saturday, December 28th, 2019, Officer Morang and Officer Marcus both responded to Flood's towing, on North Glenwood Ave, in reference to two subjects trying to pick up the vehicle that a hold placed on it by Officer Womack. When they arrived, we met with Adriana Borrego and Braulio Padilla-Herrera, 23, of Dalton. Adriana stated that Braulio left the vehicle at Las Chicas Bar on Martin Luther King Jr blvd the night before because he had been drinking and was too drunk to drive. She stated that they went to pick up the vehicle today, and it was not there. She advised that they believed the bar had it towed, so they began calling the tow truck companies in town looking for it. Adriana stated that Flood's towing told them that they had the vehicle, but there was a hold placed on it by Dalton PD. Adriana explained that they came to get the vehicle and found that it had been wrecked. Officers then turned to Braulio and explained that they did not believe this story. They told him they believed that he was drunk and that he drove the vehicle until he had a wreck, and then he ran away on foot, abandoning the vehicle. Adriana stated that he was walking near the Dalton Community Center when she picked him up and that he was lumping. Adriana said Braulio did not have his cell phone, keys or wallet on him when she picked him up. Braulio told officers he left the keys to the truck in the door of the truck. Officer Morang explained that this made no sense if he intended to pick up the truck himself the next day; he would need the keys. Officers asked Braulio to stop lying and be honest about what happened. Braulio stated that he did not drive because he was "Way too drunk to drive." I explained that I knew he was drunk, but I knew he drove the truck, wrecked into The gas line, got scared, and ran away. The report also stated that both Adriana and Braulio had been arguing and were fighting about a possible affair. She explained that she needed his phone because it has her doctor's appointments on it and that she is pregnant and due to be induced in two weeks. Braulio continued to say that he left his truck at the bar and did not drive it or wreck it. After looking through the truck, she didn't find what she was looking for. She did find a women's watch that did not belong to her. Officer Morang explained that he was going to obtain video surveillance of him getting into the truck at the bar and driving away. Officer Morang explained that when he found this video, he was going to charge him with false statements, DUI, and hit & run. Braulio then stated that he wished to be honest. He said that he was driving the truck and wrecked. I asked him if he could hear the gas leaking from the pipe that he hit, and he said he thought that was his truck making that noise. Three warrants were obtained for the arrest of Braulio. On Saturday, January 11th, 2020, 10:00 PM Dalton Patrol Officer Womack, assisted Whitfield County Deputy Alomon, in serving three arrest warrants to Braulio Padilla Herrera for criminal damage to property - 1st degree, striking an unattended vehicle, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. Deputy Alomon arrested Braulio at his residence and transported him to the Whitfield County Jail