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Dalton man arrested on felony charges after domestic Tuesday morning

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020, at 6:27 AM, an officer was dispatched to 301 Jones Street, Dalton Police Service Center, in reference to a domestic in progress. When the officer arrived, he observed a blue in color dodge passenger car with a shattered back glass. The vehicle also had a small dent on the trunk, and a rock was in the floorboard of the front driver' s side. The officer made contact with the driver, who stated that her husband, Andra Ahmad Greenwade, 37, Dalton, had discovered messages on her phone from other men and became upset. She advised that Andra was also her boss at the Dalton Daily Citizen. She advised that Andra had threatened to fire her if she did not pick up her paper route this morning. While officers were talking with the victim, they could tell that she was visibly upset. She stated that she went to her residence, and Andra began to throw rocks at her vehicle. She stated that he threw a rock through her back windshield and hit the back of her car with a rock. She advised that she went to the police department and that Andra followed her in his Dalton Daily Citizen work van and continued to kick and punch her vehicle. She advised that he punched her driver's side window. Officers went to the paper distributing office but could not locate Andra at the time. Officers later obtained surveillance video from the Dalton Police Service Center showing the incident that occurred in the parking lot. When officers looked into the vehicle, they located a large rock lying in the driver floorboard. The rock was said to be large enough that if it had struck the victim that it could have potentially caused injury to her. later that morning at approximately 8:12, Officers were dispatched to an address in reference to a domestic disturbance at the address where both the victim and suspect lived. Dispatch advised that the male subject, Andra, was hitting the female victim's vehicle with a baseball bat. Andra left the scene but was stopped shortly after by an officer who spotted his GMC Yukon at East Walnut Avenue and Abutment Road. Andra immediately exited the vehicle and placed his hands on the vehicle. Andra said that he and his wife had been arguing earlier in the morning. He said he was tired of his wife complaining about everything when he pays the bills. He said he beat his wife's car with a bat. He said that he paid for the car and it was his, so he felt he could damage it if he wanted to. An officer recovered the bat on the passenger side. Andra also admitted to throwing a rock through the window earlier, while they were at their residence. Andra was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with criminal damage to property 2nd degree x2 (felony), stalking, simple battery and simple assault all under family violence.