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Dalton man arrested for DUI after traffic stop for driving without headlights on Friday night

According to a Dalton Police incident report, on Friday, January 10th, 2020, Dalton Police Officer McCarver was patrolling in the area of Chattanooga Road and Shugart Road. While stationary at the red light on Shugart and Chattanooga Road, Officer McCarver observed a yellow SUV leave the Mapco on Chattanooga Road headed south on Shugart Road. While the vehicle had a green light to cross the intersection, Officer McCarver observed it stationary and taking several moments to initiate movement forward. The vehicle did not have any headlights on while operating on the roadway. Officer McCarver attempted to conduct a traffic stop of said vehicle, a 2002 Ford Escape around 9:04 PM. The vehicle pulled into the wrong lane of travel in the Wells Fargo ATM location on Shugart Road. Officer McCarver made contact with the driver, identified as Michael Scott Christopher, 44, of Dalton. The officer proceeded with the normal traffic stop procedures. While speaking with Christopher, Officer McCarver observed slurred speech, bloodshot, and watery eyes along with an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Christopher advised that he did not have his licenses on his person that it was at his place of residence located just up the road. He asked the officer if he could follow him to his residence to retrieve his license, the officer kindly denied. After running his information, it was discovered that he was unlicensed. Officer McCarver asked Christopher if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages due to the odor, bloodshot watery eyes, and his slurred speech. He advised that he had one beer several hours prior to stopping. Officers conducted field sobriety tests in which Christopher failed, showing several indicators. Officers then had Christopher blow into a hand-held Alco-Sensor in which he tested positive for alcohol consumption with a BAC level of .216. Officer also observed an unopened can of bush beer in the vehicle. Christopher was read implied consent law and refused. He was placed into custody and transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with DUI/ alcohol .08g or more/21, driving while unlicensed and headlights required.