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Dalton man arrested for DUI after stopping to vomit on the side of the Bypass early Saturday morning

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, January 25th, 2020, around 2:49 AM, Lt. O'Mahony, was traveling north on the Bypass when he observed a car on the side of the road that was flashing its brake lights off and on. As Lt. O'Mahony got closer to the vehicle, he noticed the vehicle parked close to the fog line being a hazard to passing vehicles. Lt. O'Mahony could see vomit on the side of the road next to the driver's door of the vehicle. Lt. O'Mahony then made contact with the driver Abraham Ojeda Gonzalez, 28, Dalton. When Gonzalez opened the door, there was vomit inside the vehicle and on Gonzalez. Lt. O'Mahony asked Gonzalez if he had been drinking, and Gonzalez replied: "I had a lot". Gonzalez then stated that he was waiting for friends. Lt. O'Mahony then asked Gonzalez to exit the vehicle. When Gonzalez exited the vehicle, he nearly fell down and had to lay on the back of the vehicle to keep from falling. Gonzalez stated that the vehicle was not his, and he was just sitting in the passenger seat waiting for his friends. After further speaking with Gonzalez stated the vehicle was his and then changed his story again that the vehicle wasn't his and that it was just parked there. Lt. O'Mahony then told Gonzalez that he was behind the wheel of the vehicle and in physical control of the vehicle Gonzalez stated: "that's correct when you pulled us over I was in the driver's seat." Gonzalez kept stating "when you pulled us over" when there was no one else in or around the vehicle. Due to Gonzalez's high level of intoxication and unable to stand without assistance, Lt. O'Mahony was unable to perform any standardized field sobriety test. Lt. O'Mahony then placed Mr. Gonzalez under arrest for Driving Under the Influence and read Mr. Gonzalez Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age 21 or Over and requested a state-administered test of his breath. Gonzalez refused to answer with a verbal yes or no, keeping his head on the trunk of his vehicle. As Gonzalez was being transported to the Whitfield County, Gonzalez stated to Lt. O'Mahony "you know I don't have to take your test." Gonzalez was cited for improper parking, for littering on highway and DUI/alcohol/less safe Lt. O'Mahony also completed a Georgia Department of Driver Services ALS form that Gonzalez refused to sign.

According to arrest reports this isn't his first DUI.