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Dalton man arrested for DUI after passing out with son in vehicle and fighting with officers

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Monday, April 27th, 2020, at approximately 6:37 AM, Officer Cook located a 2010 silver Honda Civic sitting stationary in the roadway at 785 Shugart Road. The Honda was sitting in the outside southbound lane at an angle. It appeared as if the driver, later identified as Jalen Lamar Storey, 26 of Dalton, entered the parking lot of 816 Shugart Road where he lived but then rolled back out into Shugart Road after passing out. The vehicle then came to rest against the curb on the opposite side of the street. When Officer Cook approached the vehicle, he saw Jalen, in the driver's seat unconscious along with his son seemingly unconscious, sitting in a car seat, unbuckled. Jalen still had his foot on the brake, and the vehicle was still running. Officer Cook called for an additional unit and began knocking on the window, attempting to wake Jalen. He did not wake up after repeated attempts. Other units arrived on the scene, and they continued to try to wake Jalen by banging on the window and roof of the car. For the welfare and physical safety of everyone in the vehicle Officer Mullinax broke the glass on the front passenger side to gain entry into the vehicle. Once entry was made, Jalen still did not wake up. It took several minutes of shaking Jalen and even using a sternum rub technique. Once Jalen woke up, he swung a fist towards Officer McBrayer. While Jalen was waking up, officers could smell the strong odor of marijuana and found marijuana in a plastic bag in Jalen's hoodie pocket. While officers were dealing with Jalen, Officer Johnson was tending to the Juvenile in the back. Hamilton EMS was called to check on both Jalen and the Juvenile due to their altered state. When officers were searching the car for any other illicit substances or intoxicants, it upset Jalen, who then began to verbalize his discontent about officers searching his car. An officer reported that he knew the history with Jalen as being very violent and aggressive. Officers discontinued their search to focus on Jalen due to his increasingly agitated state. As he became more agitated, the decision was made by officers to place him into handcuffs to detain him. Officers each grabbed an arm; that's when Jalen tensed up and refused to comply with officers resisting arrest. Another officer arrived and assisted Jalen down to his stomach and pull his legs out from under him to lay him flat. Officers were finally able to place handcuffs on Jalen. After an officer opened the door to the patrol vehicle, Jalen continued to yell, cuss, scream, and jerk around, becoming more violent with officers. While Jalen thrashed around, he tripped over his own feet and fell into the door jam of the patrol car. Jalen stood back up even more agitated and continued to yell, cuss, scream, and thrash around. Jalen was finally placed into the patrol vehicle. Officer Mullinax noticed that a piece of his portal radio was broken during the struggle. Jalen was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he continued his thrashing and jerking around. Detention officers had to subdue Jalen once again and escort him to the padded isolation cell. Jalen was then charged with obstruction of law enforcement felony, DUI less safe (drugs), DUI child endangerment, damage to government property, improper parking on the roadway, child safety seat requirements, and improper backing. The juvenile's grandmother and mother arrived and took custody of him.