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Dalton man arrested for DUI after leaving the scene of crash

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on June 19th, 2020, Officer Bethune was dispatched to 1513 West Walnut Avenue in reference to a private property crash. Dispatch advised that one of the parties involved in the accident was attempting to leave the scene. Officer Bethune arrived and spoke with the victim, who advised that she was inside of Los Pablos restaurant when she observed a 2004 Toyota Sienna, rear-end her 2016 Honda Odyssey. The victim stated that the male driver, later identified as Robert Moore, 65 of Dalton, appeared to try to leave the scene by driving forward quickly until she, along with her friend, came out of the Los Pablos restaurant and yelled at Robert to stop. Robert exited his vehicle and began arguing with the victim about the crash. The victim was able to get Robert to produce his driver's license to her, at which time she showed Officer Bethune a picture on her phone of his ID. When the victim stated told Robert that the police were on their way, he got back into his vehicle and fled the scene. The victim believed that she could smell alcohol coming from Robert's person and believed that he had been drinking. Officers called Robert, who advised that he would come back to the scene to speak with officers. Robert arrived on the scene and advised the reason he left the scene was because he did not see any damage. Officer Bethune advised Robert that he could not leave the scene. Robert stated that he did not understand because he did not wish to make a report. While speaking with Robert, Officer Bethune could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person, specifically his mouth area. Officer Bethune also noticed that Robert's speech was slow and slurred. Officer Bethune then asked Robert how much he had to drink. Robert first advised that he had not had anything to drink, but then stated that he had only had one beer earlier around lunchtime. Robert then agreed to take a series of field sobriety tests. During the tests, Robert showed several clues that he was unsafe to operate a vehicle. The last test Officer Bethune had Robert perform was the field test. On the field Alco-Sensor Robert registered positive for alcohol with a reading of 0.273 BRAC. Robert was arrested for driving under the influence. The officer reread Robert implied consent. Robert first refused the state-administered chemical test of his breath, but later stated that he wanted to take the test. A double-barrel shotgun was placed in the trunk of Officer Bethune's patrol car. The firearm was later turned into the Dalton Police Department property and evidence so Robert could be able to retrieve the firearm the following business day. Officer Hughes then arrived and administered the state-administered chemical test of Robert's breath using the INTOX 9000. On the state-administered chemical test, Robert registered a 0.310 BRAC and a 0.293 BRAC. Robert was then charged with leaving the scene of an accident and DUI of alcohol 0.08 gm or more. According to online arrest records this isn't his first DUI.