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Dalton man arrested again for shoplifting, this time stealing a $40 ring from Kohl's

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Thursday, January 30th, 2020, at approximately 3:52 PM, Officers were dispatched to a shoplifting at 835 Shugart Road (Kohl' s). Dispatch advised the suspect was described as a white male, with face and hand tattoos, wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. A short time later, an officer located the subject in front of the First Bank of Dalton. The subject later identified as James Acelinger, 53, of Dalton, was sitting on the sidewalk outside of the bank. He stated to the officers that he had just left Kohl's. Acelinger advised officers he had not shoplifted and consented to a search of his person. During the search, the officer located a silver ring in his left, rear jeans pocket, beneath his wallet. According to the report, "The ring was large and had several diamonds affixed to it". Acelinger said it was his 10-year-old daughter's. The officer also located a capped hypodermic needle in the left rear jeans pocket of his jeans, which was wrapped in a pair of black gloves. As expected Acelinger advised that it wasn't his and that he had picked it up off the ground. He stated he had intended to throw it away. Kohl's Loss prevention officer showed video footage of Acelinger inside the store. Officers observed Acelinger, on video, walk over to a jewelry kiosk and grab two rings off the stand. They observed him place one back onto the shelf, then begin to manipulate the packaging on the second. A short time later, Acelinger secured something in his hand and walked to a nearby men's clothing aisle, where he bent down on the floor. LP advised that in the location in, was where he had located the packaging for the ring. LP then went and obtained a receipt for the ring, which was valued at $40.00. LP used the store database to identify the particular ring using the barcode from the packaging; the image from the database matched the ring in question, exactly. The officer noted that he observed a tattoo on Acelinger's right hand, which consisted of a swastika. A detective was contacted and spoke with Acelinger at the Dalton PD. Acelinger was then transported him to Whitfield County Jail, cited for theft by shoplifting. Acelinger was arrested earlier this year by Whitfield County Deputies after being caught by Walmart LP shoplifting beer.