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Dalton man arrested after obstructing officers investigating domestic disturbance Saturday

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on June 27th, 2020, at approximately 6:07 PM, Officer Johnson responded to 503 learning-way apartment complex in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Officer Johnson made contact with the complainant, who was standing by her car outside. She stated earlier today, her boyfriend, Ramiro Sanchez Sr, called her to pick him up to get food. She said once she arrived, she noticed that Sanchez had been drinking. She stated that once they arrived at a place to get something to eat, Sanchez was impatient and demanded food immediately. She said Sanchez then started yelling at her to go back to his house at learning way. She said Sanchez never threatened her or hit her. She stated she called because Sanchez is drinking while taking his medication, causing him to act aggressively toward her. Officers then walked to the apartment where Sanchez lives. An unidentified male opened the door. Officer Johnson then observed Sanchez sitting on the couch with a light bud beer next to him. Sanchez stated, "Not to come in," and said, "Why are yall here." Sanchez stated we need to leave. Officers explained to Sanchez that they were there to investigate a domestic disturbance. Officers asked Sanchez for his name and date of birth, which he would not tell them. Sanchez then stood up and walked to the door to close it. Officer Rittenhouse then pushed the door back open. Officer Rittenhouse and Officer Johnson then entered the residence and arrested Sanchez for obstruction.