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Dalton man arrested after getting Honda stuck in yard and cursing officers while drunk

According to Dalton Police Department incident report, on Thursday, January 16th, 2020, at approximately 2:23 PM, an officer was dispatched to a report of a car stuck in a yard possible DUI at 1220 New Doris Street. They arrived and observed a blue 2007 honda accord in the yard. The yard had large tire marks where the vehicle had dug in while trying to get unstuck and leave. The officer observed the car was empty, and there were multiple open alcohol bottles in the car. A witness to the incident stated that a man later identified as Ronnie Brookshire, 60, of Dalton was driving the vehicle and had moved to the backside of 1217 New Doris Street. Officers made contact with Brookshire, who had a strong odor of alcohol on him according to the report. Officer Johnson asked Brookshire if he had any ID on him. Brookshire stated that he did but was not going to give it to him. Officer Johnson stated, "Brookshire was loud and boisterous during the conversation and stated, "Go f*** yourself" to Officer Cook and Officer Jonson multiple times." Officer Johnson explained that to Brookshire, he was conducting an investigation, and state law required him to identify himself. Brookshire refused to identify himself and told the officers, "To go f*** yourself." Brookshire refused all requests and stated in a loud and boisterous voice, "Go f*** yourself." Brookshire was placed under arrest for obstructing a law enforcement officer. Officers found Brookshire's ID and learned through dispatch that he had two warrants. Brookshire was transported to the Whitfield County jail served with the two warrants. Officer Johnson then met with judge Gazaway presented his probable case in reference to getting warrants public drunkenness, criminal trespass and damage to property and obstruction of officer on Brookshire. Judge Gazaway agreed and issued the warrants which were served to Brookshire at the Whitfield County Jail.