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Dalton man arrested after fighting with deputy and officers Friday afternoon

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report on Friday, January 17th, 2020, at 3:17 PM, Several Dalton Police officers were dispatched to the area of Cleveland Highway and the Bypass in reference to a suspicious male walking in and out of the roadway. A deputy got out with the male later identified as Devin Andrew Walden, 22, of Dalton and advised Walden was being extremely belligerent. Dalton officers activated their emergency lights and cleared the intersection and saw the deputy with Walden walking on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks and Hardee's. The deputy ordered Walden to stop walking away from him though Walden continually ignored the commands and continued to walk away. The deputy stepped around Walden in front of him to stop him from walking, which angered Walden, cuasing him to become more upset. Officers and the deputy continued to talk with Walden, trying to calm him down as he began to raise his voice and curse. Walden quickly stepped to his left onto Glenwood Avenue while still yelling and cursing. When the deputy stepped around Walden, trying to corner him back on to the sidewalk, Walden took a fighting stance and swung his right arm toward the deputy while stepping in a circular motion. Officer Porter was behind Walden forcefully took him to the ground. Once o the ground, Walden was still trying to fight officers. Officer Porter, along with Officer Greene and the deputy, rolled him over and put him in handcuffs. Soon after, other county units and GSP arrived to assist. Once in handcuffs, he was picked up and escorted to a patrol vehicle. Walden was transported to the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office charged with obstruction/ hindering law enforcement - felony, disorderly conduct, pedestrian under the influence.