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Dalton couple arrested after domestic turns physical at hotel

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, at approximately 12:55 AM, Officer Mullinax and Officer Gilreath responded to the Budgetel Inn and Suites Dalton located at 609 South Thornton Avenue, room 304, in reference to a welfare check on Sanna Noland, 40 of Dalton. The caller said that Noland had called her and said that she and her boyfriend, Matthew Kernes, 32 of Dalton, had been arguing. Once on scene, officers approached the door to room 304. As they approached, they could hear two subjects arguing and yelling at each other inside. Officer Mullinax knocked on the door, and Kernes opened it. Officers immediately noticed kernes had a large cut on the left side of his forehead, and blood was running down his face onto his arm. While speaking to Noland, Officer Mullinax noticed blood on the bed, as well as on the floor and on the counter in the bathroom. Officer Mullinax also noticed pieces of a broken glass bottle on the bed and on the floor. Noland told officers nothing had happened. After further questioning, she said that she and Kernes had been arguing and that he had pushed her onto the bed and gotten on top of her. Noland said that while Kernes was on top of her, she grabbed a glass beer bottle from the floor and struck Kernes in the head. She said that kernes got off of her, and they continued to argue until officers arrived. An officer noticed Noland had some redness around her chest that was consistent with being pushed down. Officer Gilreath spoke to kernes and advised that he gave her the name Aaron Stevens. Kernes said that Noland hit him on accident. Kernes said that he did not want to get Noland in trouble. Officer arrested both Noland and Kernes due to being unable to determine a primary aggressor, and both subjects being heavily intoxicated. EMS arrived on the scene and checked Kernes' head. EMS bandaged his head and cleared him to go to jail. At the Whitfield County Jail, Kernes blew a .171 BAC. Kernes was charged with simple battery-FVA and giving a false name. Noland was charged with battery-FVA and violating a family violence order. According to records, back in March Noland was charged with aggravated assault after stabbing her boyfriend during a violent domestic.