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Dalton bar owner arrested and cited for selling alcohol without a license

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Thursday, January 30th, 2020, A Dalton officer responded to the bar "District 319", located at 319 North Hamilton Street, after being informed they were selling alcoholic beverages without having an up to date alcoholic beverage license. He also learned that one of the bar's owners, Robert Allen Davis, 25, of Rocky Face, had an active warrant through Whitfield County. Rent A Center took out the warrant for destroy/remove deals with property security interests, which is a misdemeanor. Upon the arrival at district 319, the officer requested to see the business liquor license and speak to Robert Davis if he was there that night. While inspecting the business' s current license, he noticed that it expired on 12/31/2019; shortly after this, he made contact with Robert. Robert claimed that the business's current license was valid until 01/31/2020. Despite this claim, employees of the business failed to provide any documentation to the officer that would support this. Robert was taken into custody by the officer. Once at the sheriff's office, the officer Mirandize Robert. After agreeing to speak, he admitted to the officer that district 319 was, in fact, serving alcohol that night. Because Robert is one of the business owners, he was cited for city ordinance "6-4" (alcohol - selling without a license).