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Dade County registered sex offender arrested again this time for Child Molestation charges

According to a press release on Nov. 15, the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office initiated an investigation involving a white male who had exposed himself to young children in the Cavender Road area. Based on an eyewitness statement at the scene on Cavender Road, the suspect was driving a black Chevrolet Z71 truck. During the course of the investigation, the sheriff's office discovered that the Calhoun Police Department was actively investigating multiple incidents of a white male exposing himself to young children; the suspect's vehicle description was also described as a black Chevrolet Z71 truck. It was also discovered that on March 28, 2018, Wooten was a subject of an investigation in Chattanooga. Wooten had arrived at Caruthers Park and had exposed himself to a young child and then began to attempt to lure the child into his vehicle, using toys. The vehicle Wooten was driving the day of this incident was a black Chevrolet Z71 truck. Wooten was charged by the Chattanooga Police Department for indecent exposure. Wooten is currently out of jail on bond on this charge. Chattanooga Police Department has other incidents involving Wooten committing similar crimes. After obtaining the information from Chattanooga Police Department, it was discovered that Wooten is a registered sex offender, currently registered in Dade County. Investigators were able to identify Wooten's vehicle at his place of business. Wooten's vehicle is described as a 2009 black Chevrolet Z71 truck. Wooten's vehicle description along with other identifiers such as stickers matched the vehicle description used in committing the crimes in Whitfield County and Calhoun. Additional data gathered, historical cell site data, also put Wooten at the scene of the crimes in Whitfield County and Calhoun. On Dec. 6, the Sheriff's Office with the assistance of Dade County Sheriff's Office and Calhoun Police Department executed a search warrant on Wooten's residence in Dade County, Georgia. As a result of the search warrant, additional items of evidence were collected. The Sheriff's Office had obtained a warrant for Wooten for Child Molestation, indecent exposure, and enticing a child. On Dec. 6, Wooten was arrested in Huntsville, on outstanding warrants out of Whitfield County, Georgia. Wooten is being extradited back to Whitfield County on Wednesday.