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Dade County Jailer injured in fight with inmate

On Wednesday, August 14, a Dade County detention officer was injured while attempting to control a combative inmate. The injured officer has been identified as is Nathaniel Espy. He has been employed with the Dade County Sheriff's Office since April of 2018. During the struggle with the inmate, Officer Espy suffered a broken ankle and several soft-tissue injuries. Dade Emergency Services was notified and he was transported to Erlanger Hospital, where he is currently awaiting surgery. The inmate was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation and is potentially facing additional felony charges.

Officer Espy is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.

Sheriff Ray Cross requests that you keep Officer Espy in your thoughts and prayers as he starts down the road to recovery. The Sheriff's office posted on their Facebook that Chief Deputy Matt Cole spoke to Officer Espy's father earlier, and he was told that the surgery went well. The prognosis for recovery is said to look great!