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Crandall man arrested on several felonies after leading Whitfield County deputy on pursuit

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on June 2nd, 2020, at approximately 5:05 AM, a deputy observed a white in color Ford F-150 at the Circle K at GA-52 and Airport Road. The deputy recognized this truck by a spot on the tailgate that was missing paint. The deputy was familiar that the truck was frequently driven by Thomas Milton Preavette, 31 of Crandall. According to the report, the deputy was familiar with Preavette from multiple previous incidents and that Preavette's license was suspended. The deputy could see a Preavette sitting in the driver seat. As the truck approached Monterey Drive, the deputy observed the truck cross the lane dividers on each side. When the deputy activated his blue lights at the redlight at GA 3, Preavette ran the red light. The deputy activated his sirens, and the vehicle continued on. Preavette continued to weave heavily and never showed signs of stopping. The deputy advised Whitfield Dispatch that he was in pursuit. The deputy reported he could see items being discarded from the driver window as Preavette continued to flee. Preavette turned onto Ben Hill Road and occupied the oncoming lane most of the time. Given the time of the morning, the truck posed a threat to possible oncoming traffic. The truck continued onto Edwards Circle and turned into the driveway of 3604. Preavette stopped shortly after turning into the driveway and exited attempting to flee on foot. The deputy gave chase and heard Preavette's truck roll back into his patrol vehicle while giving chase. The deputy gave several verbal commands for Preavette to stop. Preavette continued to attempt to flee. The deputy deployed his issued Taser. One prong struck Preavette's left elbow, and the other struck his left buttock. The Taser deployment was successful and neuromuscular incapacitation was achieved. After the five-second cycle was complete, Preavette still appeared too rigid. Preavette advised he could not move when instructed to place his hands behind his back. The deputy advised Preavette that further force would be used if he tried to flee while he was placing him in custody. The deputy secured Preavette in handcuffs behind his back and escorted him out of the woods. Another deputy arrived on the scene to assist. The deputy located a black nylon bag in the driver seat. Inside the bad contained a plastic bag of suspected methamphetamine and a small bag of marijuana. A deputy transported Preavette to the Whitfield County Jail, where he was charged with failure to maintain lane, failure to obey traffic control device, wrong side of the road, reckless driving, fleeing to elude, felony, driving while license suspended, tampering with evidence, felony, possession of methamphetamine, and willful obstruction of law enforcement. A deputy located a white sock containing a broken glass smoking device in the area of Airport Road and Thomas Drive. GSP arrived on the scene shortly after and finished the crash report. The deputy began reviewing dash camera footage. At 1:27 into the video, a white item was seen coming from the driver's side of the vehicle in the area where another deputy located the sock containing the glass smoking device. Deputy Millsaps weighed and field-tested the suspected methamphetamine. It weighed approximately 5.94 gross grams and field-tested positive. Preavette has a lengthy criminal history, including fleeing from law enforcement. In 2017 Preavette was arrested after leading Gordon County SO on a pursuit while on a stolen motorcycle.